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The Lepto Loach is not only a very pretty loach, but it is one that is a very rare find!
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Christine - 2016-06-10
When Finding Nemo came out my grandkids wanted me to get a clown fish for my aquarium. It wasn't going to happen because I have a freshwater tank. So we settled for the closest 'look-alike' I could find and that was what Petco labeled a 'Clown Loach'. Since then, 13 years now, Nemo has grown out of his Clown Loach coloring and now looks like he is actually a Lepto Loach because he looks exactly like the picture on this site even though he's larger than the site says he'll get as well as older. He's always been shy and rarely emerged from my bubbling volcano. However in the past 6 months he's emerged more and more. He's now 6' long.

go2garrett - 2012-02-13
I bought my 2 loaches at a local, family-owned pet store about 6 or 7 years ago and they grew slowly but are very entertaining and now measure about 6 inches counting the tail. They lived harmoniously with Angel fish for many years in a 20 gallon aquarium, until all the Angelfish got old and died. I was told they were called 'Leopard Loaches'. Thanks for giving the real name and history. No wonder I haven't seen them in other pet stores! :)

Troy Finke - 2009-03-16
Are you sure they weren't just trying to "play" with the koi or school with them. Every single loach or botia I have had love to try to school with other fish whether it be a jaguar cichlid or tetra. I also notice they like to act as cleaner wrasse somewhat. I have seen mine swim sideways against other fish and what not, and I know a lot of koi can be very paranoid and jumpy so it's possible your koi freaked themselves to death from the loaches trying to interact with them. I don't know, it's a thought, I wasn't there watching your loaches so I cant really say.

Patrice Johnson - 2008-07-06
I received a Leptobotia guilinensis and put it in with my Koi and within two days my Koi are dead, it chased them around the pond, 80 gallons with many hiding area's. Is this normal behavior?

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  • Ed - 2012-12-10
    How minute are the koi??? Do you have the right species here??? My 8' koi took on and swallowed my 3' male melanchromis johnsonnae whole then after a bit of chewing on him spat him out(minutes after a good feed might i add). Pakistani loach is the only fellow amognst a plethora of fish to harass my koi( i have 6, two big ones, 1 medium and 3 juveniles(1.5'-2 '). Even the jack dempsey doesn't care to bother the sometimes spasmodic Nishikigoi haha
Kassie - 2011-06-08
I have had my fish for 16 years and it lived in my sisters tank for three years before that. He is at least 19 years now and has become an aggressive fish. I didn't realize this until I got some cicillians and he killed them by chewing on their hind ends. I then have slowly lost almost everything. I have watched him pick on the other fish until they die.
I feel bad for the fish and feel as if I need to get rid of him, yet he is 19 and this is his tank. I am open to suggestions.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-09
    There are many people who say their wonderful Lepto Loach has become a real nasty guy and has killed other fish in the tank. It seems as they mature and get larger, they want to get rid of anything else in the tank - more room for them. One Lepto should have a 30 gallon tank just for himself. I am sorry this happened to you. They are supposed to be good community fish with the proviso of strong robust tank mates.
    The fella is 19 years old, and just used to that tank and all he did was do what comes naturally. He was growing and he needs more room so he just sorta got rid of the others who he felt were taking up his space. How about you just forgive him and let him have his tank and remember, he just was doing what is natural for him. He wants to live. Then if you want get a second tank for other fish. Lepto Loaches are rare and hard to find. He just wanted to exist.
lacycall - 2006-01-24
This loach is a fun species to watch, I inherited one and he is very lively and active!