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The Clown Loach is a very popular fish, land makes a fabulous freshwater showpiece!
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Tom Robertson - 2019-04-18
I've had six clown loaches for over six years now in a 70 gallon tank, but just in the past two weeks they all are obviously ill, three weeks after I introduced some newly purchased tetras. While I can't make out classic ich spots, I have started malachite green treatment, although two of the loaches already look very bad. Are there other diseases that so selectively affect loaches? All the rest of the tank inhabitants look and act normal.

Sandy - 2017-12-26
I have 5 clown loaches in my tank, they have a black spot that comes and goes in the last orange patch before their tail. Cant seem to find and information for why this is happening. They all seem happy and healthy. Does anyone know why its happening? Cheers

Alex - 2017-04-10
I bought a new clown loach, it just sits underneath the rock all day, but when you pick the rock up it goes crazy, I give it tropical fish flakes but it doesn't really eat them

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  • James - 2017-09-23
    Clown loaches are a schooling fish so you really should at least six of them and the tank should be at least 75 gallons. A single clown loach will be incredibly shy and stressed, which can kill it. Healthy loaches should eat tropical flakes if you hold them under the water until they fall to the bottom. They also love blood worms. You should probably return the loach to the pet store.
kev p - 2010-11-23
I have recently bought 3 clown loaches but I don't seem to see much of them is this normal at first?

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  • matt - 2011-09-13
    No, check your water ph high nitrates maybe.
  • maty - 2017-04-26
    really don't worry to much they can be a bit shy at times make sure u don't stress it out by banging on glass or rushing by tank makes them afreaid n prone to desease when stressed iv got 5 n one plays somethings but hides most of the time its found a spot it likes they like plenty hideing places its normal but keep an eye on it incase its not moving due to being sick or with deseases,type clown loach on google ulll learn everything u need to know hope this helps
Derrick - 2017-03-11
My clown loaches are just laying on a rock for hours. I have never seen this behavior before. Do anyone know what's going on? There is the tank with African Cichlids.

Joyce - 2017-02-03
I bought 2 clown loach fish and have a 125 gallon tank. One died but had no signs of ick and this was an established tank. After a month the other just swims up and down the one side like it's crazy. Any ideas why?? Do I need to go buy him/her a friend?

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  • karen - 2017-02-24
    Hi Joyce ....clown loach do thrive in pairs and it seems to me it's behaviour is due to losing its mate, I say this as this happened to mine, I bought a new pal for the one I had that lost its mate and his behaviour has settled...they swim about inseparable and give hours of joy to watch their clownish behaviour. At first u may not see them unite but given time they will befriend one another. Hope this helps
Anonymous - 2012-09-23
Does anybody know how to get rid of 'Ammonia'? I've tried frequent water changes. I've practiculary changed the whole of the tank water 3x now!! Taking out half of the water each time, but the ammonia test still shows green? I've bought the ammo lock which doesn't take out the ammonia it just makes it safe. I've read about ammo carb and chips will get rid of the ammonia but i cant seem to be able to buy it? Is there anything else I can buy that actually gets rid of the ammonia. Cheers in advance =)

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-09-24
    Sounds like you are testing water that is just added (fresh from the tap) as well as water that you have treated with ammonia removers. Ammonia is usually not present in your tap water, but you may want to test that to see if that's where its coming from. However, because you are repeatedly getting the same results each time you test, whether new water or treated water,  I would suspect the test kit may be bad.
  • Gill - 2015-01-21
    Have you cycled your tank? Your filter needs to build up nitrifying bacteria that will convert the ammonia to nitrate then nitrite to remove it. You need to put water in your tank and make sure the filter is properly assembled and use it. Put in some bacteria sold at pet stores for this purpose and just leave the whole thing running for 2-4 weeks. After that you should be safe to put your fish in. It should read under 0.25 ppm.
  • Jan Nichols - 2017-02-14
    Use Prime water treatment by Seachem. Too large water change will keep throwing your tank into mini cycles, providing you tank actually cycled in the first place.
dima - 2015-02-18
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  • Vernon Henderson - 2015-08-10
    i'm looking to buy a clown loach size 10' or bigger. i have a 240 gal. tank. can you locate any that size? thanks
Connor - 2014-11-23
I have two female clown loaches and they are lovely fish. They come out all the time and swim up and down the tank and they really make me laugh. They don't bother any one else in the tank and are lovely fish to keep so I recommend you get some.

fisheninthedark2008 - 2008-12-28
Several Clown Loaches, came to live in our (mainly Tetra) community, just before Christmas. I have had my tank for about a year now, and it was suggested, in one of my aquarium books, when it comes to loaches....Make sure the tank is well established (not starting with loaches, when you first put your tank together) environment wise. I followed this suggestion, and hope that all goes well. They were well worth the wait! My suggestion, as suggested in my aquarium book, wait to get loaches, until your tanks environment is well established. It is worth the wait. They make their "clicking" noises at supper time...LOL