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The Botia Robusta has been given a truly fitting name, the Chinese Golden Zebra Loach!
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Colin Bragg - 2008-04-28
I have 3 of these fish in my 33 gallon and are my favourite fish. They are very shy mainly due to their nocturnal habits but will eventually get used to you coming near the tank. I have had great success with blue LED lights that are normally used for reef tanks. The blue lights let these fish come out at night when they are much bolder and you will still be able to see them. They can be quite inquisitive, they will be quite happy to sit and watch you whilst you watch them. Their eyes are not so fixed to their heads, they can move them so they can look right at you which is really nice. These fish like to snuggle up close with each other for comfort and have been known to tussle with each to get comfortable :D I've seen them occasionally sneer and push away another fish that comes near their spot but... I have mine with neon tetras and I trust the loaches 100% with them. My fish love live food and frozen food like Daphnia and even blood worms if they manage to get some :S but their staple diet are the plant pellets that I feed them. (I think they'd be the first to eat eggs so be careful if you breed). Not had much luck with cucumber or spinach but working with other veg. They are fantastic snailers too so don't deliberately mix them with snails. Although they don't need a shoal, from what I've seen of mine, they seem to appreciate the comfort that a couple more give them. These fish need immaculate water to feel comfortable, in less than perfect conditions mine hide away more. In fresh water, they become more playful and even swim in the center of the tank more.

My biggest tip is not to turn down their lights like most loach experts say. In their native countries the light can be bright.... instead use the blue LED moon lights and allow them to continue being nocturnal. :D

Sharon - 2010-04-18
I have one in a 10-gallon tank mixed with several guppies...they do well botia does like to chase the guppies but it hasn't killed anyone... I'm new to fish and the guy at the pet store said it would work...does anyone see any problems? I've had him mixed with my guppies for about 2 months...would he need a bigger tank soon? There are other bottom dwellers in my tank but I only have one botia robusta. He was aggressive at first but now is fine.

Joes - 2009-12-23
I have 5 Sinobotia robusta in a 120 gallon tank. They are together with a group of Clown, 15 harlekin tetras, 15 dwarf rainbow fish and probably more than 100 shrimps. I got some 15 four years ago, they have multiplied since, despite the group of loaches in my tank. There are enough places to hide, both for the big and smaller species, provided by rocks, wood and lots of Java ferns growing on the woods and the back.
The Sinobotia seem to be very social fish, they swim together, often lay close to each other, touching each other. Not so shy at all, as I can see them very often during daytime. I have not seen them going after other inmates. So according to me, rather peaceful fish. they are a curious species, come out to see what we do. beg for food with all the other fish. A species I would recommend to have in a group.

mike d. - 2008-08-27
I have one of these botia robusta in my 55 gallon tank and I must say he is pretty aggressive when he wants to be. Right now I have him in there with a 5in texas and 2 juvenile severums and he owns the aquarium. The texas and he got into a huge fight the first day over a cave, and the botia won. He regularly chases the severums right off the bottom if they go anywhere near the bottom of the aquarium. Very interesting fish, very tough, and he holds his ground when he has to.