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The Berdmore's Loach is beautiful large loach, but has a rather quarrelsome nature!
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fishdude - 2006-08-21
I have one of these little terrors. I've never seen a loach more aggresive than this one. He attacks all of my fish when they swim by him, even my convict cichlid and green terror. If he's scared, he darts away back into his little hole. He likes to snack on feeder fish, brine shrimp, and freeze-dried krill.

daniel - 2008-11-01
We have had a Peppered Firetail Tiger Loach (one of these guys, just a much cooler descriptive name) for about 8 months. Though he does chase after some species when the hang out on the bottom for too long, he is perfectly content with smaller loach species and corys. We 5 zodiac loaches for a long time with him (moved them to a smaller tank and 2 got killed selecting breeding partners... though we did end up getting a huge batch of eggs, which was cool), and recently restocked with small YoYo, one sinoboria pulchra (Red-Lipped Botia, though actually has yellow lips), two golden zebra loaches, and one giant YoYo that's about 7 in. We were a little worried about aggression from the Tiger Loach (he's 6 in.), but he really gets along with the YoYo well.

The way to keep peaceful loaches:
Give them hiding places. And peaceful bottom dwellers. Grab some large corys and your tiger will probably stop terrorizing your fish, since corys are oblivious to tankmates. Fish like to form hierarchies, and all the space the loaches have to discover that is on the bottom. If each fish has a place to call his own, it won't be anywhere near as aggressive.

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  • Wael - 2012-09-25 guys listed some great fish! I think Tamien are amazing fish, so they would be in my top ten. Also, I can't believe I forgot bonefish and artic char...both in my top ten! There are so many kinds of fish that I want to catch... maybe I should have a top 1000 list LOL :)
Tan Hui Chun - 2010-09-27
I want to keep a berdmore's loach fish. Can this type of fish live in a tank without water filter and low oxygen situation? Can anyone reply me?

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  • samiran roy,india - 2011-08-30
    You can keep it, but you will have to make daily 25% water changes.
JT - 2011-07-13
I originally purchased this fish to control the snail population in my planted. While he kept the snails at bay but also killed all the other fishes until I started stocking the tank with cichlids. The planted cichlid tank ain't easy but works sometimes.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-14
    The Berdmore's Loach or Blyth's loach can range between a community to semi-aggressive fish. Each fish will have its own degree of aggressive behavior. Don't keep them with any timid fish, rather keep them in a large aquarium with other more robust tank mates. They are carnivores and you see other fish and they see food. When grown, the cichlids are almost as large as the loach - but how big are they now?
greg - 2008-03-30

I also have one of these in my African cichlid tank. This fish is extremely aggressive towards all of my fish. I put him in and immediately he began tormenting all fish, even fish much larger than him. He is very interesting to watch I just hope my other fish get used to him soon. They all seem to be scared.