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The Glass Knifefish has a peaceful, shy demeanor and does best kept in the company of its peers!
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Jessica Cammarata - 2017-05-13
I have been keeping glass knifefish for the last several years. I did research and found they are very social so I bought 4. It did not go well at all. They fought constantly and two died of stress. The last two years I have tried several times to keep multiples together and all they do is fight. I have finally given up and only keep one in a tank at a time. They get along great with all of my community fish just not each other. Some of my very favorite fish. One of mine is not shy at all and comes right over to the front of the glass when she sees me coming.

Catfish Lover \"The Expert In Anything Catfish\" - 2014-10-17
Can i keep four of these in a 55-75 gallon with 2 African Brown Knife Fish and 1 featherfin squueaker?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-10-18
    For the most part I think they would be fine, but because they are all bottom of the tank dwellers, it'll get a little crowded down there.  I would suggest the 75 gallon being better.  These are all basically peaceful fish but the two Brown Knifefish may get aggressive with each other as they age, so you may just want one one of those. The Glass Knifefih actually do well in a group, and five is the suggested number.
Matt - 2008-12-09
I just bought one of these fish, and it seems to get along with all of my fish, even my pictus cat. It is an interesting fish but does seem a little shy.