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The Ryukin Goldfish is a captivating novelty fish with a very round body shape and pretty colors!
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Lii W - 2020-02-24
10 gallons is a sure way to stunt growth and they grow up to 10 inches. Misleading, and harmful to these beautiful fish.

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  • Anonymous - 2020-02-25
    Agreed... the page has been changed to reflect the larger size of the fish as well as the aquarium size.
Ann - 2018-07-09
I have two young Ryukin (3' ea.). I just moved them to a new tank (30x12x22'). I been told that 22' is too deep for them, is this true?

Anonymous - 2017-11-17
I have kept ryukins for many years. I would caution people about following the typical advice of 30 gallons for 1 fancy goldfish and 10 gallons for each additional goldfish. When full grown, these goldfish can get as round as a grapefruit. I have a 10 inch ryukin and a 9 inch ryukin in a 75 gallon and I am planning to upgrade to a 125 as the 75 does not appear to be spacious enough. I cannot imagine keeping these two goldfish in a 40 gallon; it would be way too small!

Anonymous - 2017-04-21
I've owned goldfish for 8 years now, and I enjoyed my two Ryukin very much. These fish are absolutely adorable, with their round bodies and stubby tails. They don't swim very well because of their bizzare shape, so definitely do not house them with more active goldfish like commons. The two of them lived happily in a 30 gallon tank and the only issues I ever had were swim bladder problems and green algae blooms. Swim bladder problems are reasonably easily fixed by feeding the fish thawed shelled green peas. Algae blooms can be solved with a dose of algae killer and a water change. Ryukin are extremely hardy and I managed to keep them alive with a 50% water change once a month, though of course I wouldn't recommend doing so. Great for the beginner and enjoyable for all experience levels! Unfortunately, both my fish, after living with me for 3 years, were killed within 24 hours by a white, weblike fungus that overtook their tank and ate out their gills. These are lovely fish and I would definitely recommend them!!

Manuel cardoso - 2016-04-03
I have 3 ryuken in a gold fish pond, they are doing great they love feeding time.I also have 1,000 galon koi pond that houses 8 beautiful koi, my koi pond is planted with varyious water plants, the water is crystal clear, I have a skimmer as well as a biological filter, happy pondering.☺☺☺

Ray Bullock - 2015-07-29
We have a reddish/orange Ryukin that was the size of a 10 cent when we got it . Some 4years later , it is a bulging healthy 3 inches long magnificent species now. Just loves feeding time . Hope it lives a long long life.

Howard - 2010-06-21
We would like to breed our ryukin goldfish. We were wondering how to sex them, also how to measure size, as I've read they need to be 3-4 inches to be mature enough to breed ( including tail or not) We so enjoy and love our calico fantail ryukin. How can I find out if there are any goldfish shows. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you for your anticipated help.

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  • Heath - 2011-09-19
    Yeah good luck sexing them. I asked and they told me the only way to tell really is when its time the male will get these very small white dots on its gills said its almost too hard to notice. I am still trying to sex my two 2 yr olds Goldy and Nemo
  • Emily Hair - 2012-06-10
    Male goldfish have little tubes sticking up above their nose
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-10-26

    During the breeding season the male has white prickles, called breeding tubercles, on its gill covers and head. Seen from above a female will have a fatter appearance when she is carrying eggs. It is impossible to sex Goldfish when they are young and not in breeding season, but generally the male is smaller and more slender than the female.

  • Watha - 2015-04-03
    Go to Jennie is a wealth of information when it comes to goldfish, including the breeding process. She has numerous tutorials on youtube. Solid Gold
Anonymous - 2013-02-28
My Ryukin is about 1/2 now. And just rating today he can't keep swimming or up in the tank. He tries to stay level but he sinks to the bottom and lays upside down. Can someone help me with what's wrong with him? ): Please and thank you!

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  • karen - 2013-03-14
    Swim bladder is a common problem with the ryukin goldfish. Jungle used to make a pond fungus eliminator that was great for this issue. Unfortunately, Jungle products discontinued this product (which came with alot of upset from breeders and hobbyists). frozen peas that have been thawed and fed to the goldfish seems to help some.
  • Kathryn - 2013-09-15
    Try feeding him shelled green peas. Works best if you thaw frozen ones. Do this for at least one day, or until he starts swimming right side up.
  • Sylvia Villa - 2014-03-25
    I own 2, a calico which is over 6 inches, the other a red about 4 inches. I always notice that the calico always starts acting strange and sluggish when the filters need a good rinse. After I clean the filters it's back to normal. The other day I thought I was losing him, he was just staying towards the bottom and not swimming straight. The other fish was getting underneath him and holding him up because he could not swim right or stay up. I quickly cleaned another tank that I have and got it ready for him. I put both in there not wanting to separate them. He has been fine ever since. I think the water he was in was the culprit. It looked clean in the tank but wasn't. I was so scared to lose him, I've had them for about a year now. The smaller one never has these problems. Now I am making sure the water is kept really clean. Hope my experience helps you. It's worth a try.
Linda W. - 2005-05-23
I just bought 2 Ryukin Goldfish--calicos. They are so pretty!! I have them in a 2.5g tank along with a yellow mystery snail and a "sucker" fish. They all seem very happy! I hope I have better luck with these than I did with my others. These are very colorful and very fat! I didn't know what they were until I saw this page. The fish in the picture looks just like my fish!! Wish me luck!

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  • Steve - 2013-09-09
    If you don't have better luck with your fish, it is because one calico ryukin goldfish needs 20 gallons to prosper and can live up to ten years.. and then add 10 gallons for each one after that... two would need a minum of a 30 gallon tank.
tina - 2013-04-02
I have 2 red ryukin goldfishes, one is male and other is female i got both of them last year. I didn't put any plants in the tank but everyone says she's pregnant. How do i know? I also noticed he's been following her around in a 5 gallon tank. Can someone tell me what to do?

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  • zebraz - 2013-07-08
    Buy an aquarium large enough to hold 2 ryukins. 40 gallons should be a good start.