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The Golden Zebra Danio is a lively, eye-catching aquarium favorite with its striped pattern of gold and white!
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Kai van der Bijl - 2009-11-27
I have 3 normal zebra danios and they are awesome because they are so active and the males have really long fins (for danios). They get along with other fish their size but ate my small (1.5 cm) guppy's tail off!

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  • Val - 2012-11-16
    Danios are tail nippers so keep well away from long finned fish
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-11-16
    Add 3 or 4 more Danios and you may see their aggression calm down.  They are most peaceful in groups of 6 or more.  Anything less causes them to be either very withdrawn or a bit aggressive.