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As its name suggests, the Clown Barb looks rather clownish with its big polka dots and reddish gold body!
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Harry S. White - 2007-03-15
Now we're scared of Clown(barb)s!

Just placed a dozen Rummy Nose Tetra in our 55 Gallon tank last night now that our fish-gulping Spanner-T Barb has passed on. Had bought no new fish for months bordering on a year due to it's high-priced "sushi" appetite. Between our 2 Clown Barbs, we now have 6 Rummy Nose left this morning. Both Barbs were sporting Rummy Nose tail moustaches when we turned the lights on and were seemingly stalking their next snacks when we left for work. That Clown Barbs are community fish seems a bit overstated... saying they are omnivorous is too modest.

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  • raymond - 2010-04-25
    We have 4 green barbs, 12 tiger barbs, a algae eater, and 2 puntius everetti (clown barbs). . The clown barbs only hide under or in decorations (i. E. Castle, logs, etc. ). They seem to be coward fish always running and yet fast when we chase them from their hiding places. Was going to get rid of them since they only hide. Welcome information, etc.
Clayton - 2005-12-16
I have a pair of them, they are really interesting to watch. The first day I brought home the 2nd of the pair it was chased around constantly, until the lights came on the next morning, atleast 12 hours. I tend to have to over feed the fish to keep the community tank happy, this really seems to keep the nipping to a minimum. Also slightly colder than recommended temp at 75-76'. All combined this seems to keep them from being thugs. I must say that I do see chasing each other as I'm writing this. they are nose to nose fighting. But so far not one other fish has been nipped. I have 7 tiger barbs, 2 dwarf gourami,4 golden barbs,
2 Clown barbs, and 1 swordtail platy.

lola - 2010-08-02
I would definitely agree, that rather than being good community fish, they are a semi-aggressive, fast moving fish that can be kept with other fish if they are of a similar size and temperament. I would recommend keeping a school rather than just a couple, that way any aggression is spread out. I have six which are living very successfully and peacefully with the same number of giant danios. There is some chasing, but no fighting, and everyone's fins are intact. Mine have proved both hardy and fun and will eat from my hand.

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  • Frank - 2011-08-09
    I was thinking of adding a few to my American Datnoid, Black Diamond Cichlid, Parrot Cichlid, Polypterus bichirs, Redtail Shark. I'm guessing this will be OK? I want them more as a dither fish. Im kinda worried about my Ghost Knife tho since it's only 5 inches at the moment.
Rickie - 2005-01-27
I have 5 of these fish. I adore them as they are wonderful to watch, however they are gluttons. they are extremely lively and very very territorial and they do not get along with other fish well at all. In 2 months they have consumed 1 Angel fish, 1 Gourami, 1 upside down catfish and yesterday I caught one with the tail of a sucking catfish hanging out of its mouth. So peaceful stikes me as amusing, I would not recommend them for community tanks at all. I feed them well twice daily.

Mike - 2004-07-30
i have 2 of these little critters and they are a great fish to have. they are somewhat terrotorile(did i spell that right), and will nip or play with the other fish. i recommend them highly for any fish owner. i dont think they are good starter fish though.