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The White Spotted Cichlid is a fanciful spotted youth that turns into a gorgeously banded adult!
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chris - 2020-02-26
i have 8 tropheus duboisi maswa(so im told) they are 1 to 1.5 inch, light blue dotts all over, and have a blue mask,. from mouth to eyes. looks like they a waring a light blue sergical mask! starting to change colour, larger ones are getting a yellow stripe, band, just behing gills. i dont see ' many' pictures on line sporting the mask! are theses different,wild, maybe crossed, or something?

becky - 2010-09-15
I have 2 white spotted cichlids and its really weird, one minute they're like a white on half there body and the spots are gone. Then the next day they have there spots back? How the heck does that work? Hope someone can answer that.....thanks

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  • Trudy - 2017-11-28
    they are just starting to change to their adult color pattern.
Shaikh siraj - 2017-09-04
i am a beginner in duboisi i have bout 10 nos spotted 2 weeks back and feeding tetra bits the r well for a week but from second week some of them are bloat problem and the r got die one by one i have given magnesium sulphate treatment but the die what can i do help me and give suggestion which food can i feed them

Mario - 2015-04-23
Well i have a serious problem. My 4 Duboisi gave me 12 babies. All survives and grew. As they got bigger to almost loosing their spots I started loosing them Mow I have one left. Is it that it's the first time the adlts gave me babies or what coild it be. I have not changed anything in the usual habits. There are also 10 red trogheouses with the Dubosi. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-04-25
    I bet somebody is going after the juveniles. These fish are very aggressive! A group of at least  12 (11 females and one male) are the recommended minimum, and kept in a tank of between 75 to 125 gallons. The tank then needs to have tons of hiding places. It is further best that they be kept as the only species (i.e no other types of cichlids unless the tank is even larger).
Jim and Sandy - 2014-07-27
Hi .....I'm so sad,we are going to have to go and trade our large white spotted cichlid ,he/ she has tormented 4 of our other gorgeous cichlids to he finally killed them....I just love him,but we can't go on losing our other ones because of the 1 ....we find him extremely aggressive . :(

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  • Anonymous - 2014-07-27
    I know how you feel. When I first started getting cichlids I put a Dempsey in with some other community type fish. DOH! I guess I was being optimistic but of course it didn't work out. Now I only keep Dempseys singly or in breeding pairs. That first experience though was not pleasant, especially since the fish store guy kind told me how naive I was.
  • danny stanko - 2015-04-10
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