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The Venustus has long been a favorite among cichlid lovers because of its looks and intelligence!
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Younis - 2011-06-13
Hi,, I have bought a pair of alounocara red peacock, ( Rubin ) and I joined him with other tank mates as,
2 lemmon cichlid
2 blue zebra cichlid
2 venustus
2 parrot
1 fontosa

Everything seems fine but the venustus seems to be upset with him. He can't stop darting on them,, although I have many hiding spaces and all that, what shall I do :(

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-13
    I included articles on the various fish you have in your tank. The Venustus has a predatory nature and it is recommended you have a 60 gallon tank when they are little and 125 gallon as they mature. They want a lot of space. Could this be the problem. You have a good number of fish. How big is your tank?
  • christopher price - 2012-03-05
    If I were you I would move the venustus to another tank. I have africans. I had 2 pair of orange blotch peacocks, 2 pair of deep water haps (pladichromis electra), a jewel cichlid, pleco,and a juvenile ruby crystal peacock. Guess what? All I have is a ruby crystal peacock and the pleco. The ruby crystal killed everything except for the orange blotch male and the jewel cichlid they died from my water quality. African cichlids are very agressive he's probably gonna tear your peacocks up. If i was you I would move them or the vunustus cichlid..
  • Anonymous - 2022-11-28
    How much are those Ciclids peacocks cost each? Rubinstein Red and lemon Jake's
    Luanda, blue sapphires?
ranee - 2008-07-27
Hello, I am having a problem with my giraffe hap....He has lost his color, not eating and his mouth is opening and closing rapidly. He hides out in a corner now and is not eating. I am so worried for him, please help if you have any idea whats going on.

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  • Cade - 2019-12-12
    Your tank is more then likely containing to many nitrates and nitrites. A simple way of fixing this is to take 30 ml of your fish tank water to the nearest fish shop and majority of fish shops can do tank water tests which will tell you what your tank is containing to much of and they can direct you in the right way of showing you what treatments that you can put in the tank every certain amount of days to eliminate what is making your fish struggle. Within a week you should go back to the store and test the again to get a opinion on how much your tank has improved and how much longer you will need to apply the treatment to your tank so your fish is healthy. Also note down to the pet shop anything that has appeared to be unusual on your tank
GRAHAM PEARL - 2019-04-12
Hi have you any venustus green cichlid for sale thank you 3

Tamara Welsh - 2017-08-16
I have a venestus and his mouth is turning dark than the rest of his body. I have noticed its ventral fins are light blue. Is this a male or a female?

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  • MR TREVOR R WILLIS - 2021-06-05
    Male if it colours up yellow and green, the female will be plain with markings
catherine - 2013-03-18
I have two venustus fish, one is now hiding in the plants and another of my cichlids is protecting it. What is going on? This behaviour change only occured in the last couple of days.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-03-18
    Maybe they spawned..
  • Sommer - 2017-04-21
    That's my guess.. they mated
Kristin Hartley - 2017-03-25
hi all, my tank is approx 110 ltrs and currently has 1 paair of young giraffes, 2 young goldfish (same size as giraffes) and 3 'baby golds' (bout 4-5cm) and am thinking of adding my 3 (1 male 2 female) kribensis but am not sure if its 'safe' so to speak...

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  • Sommer - 2017-04-21
    I was told cichlids will kill anything but their own kind.. had to take mine out of my tropical t65 gallon tank and leave them in their own 10 gallon
VINCE - 2010-03-10
I have lake malawi cichlids in my tank and today. I bought a peacock cichild can i have in the same tank with others from lake malawi?

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  • joe - 2010-08-29
    Yes it's fine.
  • Anonymous - 2016-12-03
    Peacocks are from Malawi
  • Gray - 2016-12-03
    A peacock IS from lake Malawi. They are the same thing.
Tony - 2008-04-13
Went from a community tank of small fish to a single 6" Venustus and I've been glad I did ever since. Beautiful colors with blue on bottom, yellow on top and "giraffe" pattern on sides. Active, alert and aware of what's going on outside the tank. My fish let's me know when he's hungry by facing toward me as I walk through the room - can see me 3-5' away from tank. Very hardy fish, but not bullet-proof. Keep the tank clean and he'll be happy and healthy.

Anonymous - 2009-07-14
Does this fish require cichlid salt?

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  • viren ahuja - 2011-06-15
    No you dont need any salt for them as it will not do anything for the cichild but it will harm your other beautiful fishes
  • Jeff Harma - 2013-02-10
    Just a comment, have read that salt, marine, 1 tbl spoon to 5 gal. acts as a preventative to fungal and some other disease. I do this with a featherfin cat, bicker eel, both of which have a skin texture as to scales. Do watch for any discomfort to simply exchange some fresh water to reduce the strength of salt content. Actually read how some mbuna cichlid swim to 1.002 s.g., not more, figure use as a deterent to sickness.
Tristan - 2012-07-07
I bought a venustus and blood parrot and put them in a tank with various species of mbuna,haps and a pair of black belt cichlids but the malawi cichlids seem to be picking on the blood parrot cichlid.What should I do?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-07-07
    Try and rearrange your tank.  Sometimes this will get their minds of the other fish and look for new territory.
  • Tristan - 2012-07-08
    I have found the problem maker it is a male kenyi cichlid.