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The Red Zebra is one of the most popular and commonly kept of the African Cichlids!
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John nuño - 2018-03-05
2 females 1 male

William Eisentraeger - 2015-03-31
Is this a red Zebra,and if it is is it a male or female? Thanks.

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  • Fred - 2015-07-01
    Yes it is a Red Zebra and it is a Male
  • Rhiannon S - 2015-12-29
    With the egg spots I'd say female, but shape of fin says male.
  • Bernard - 2016-01-13
    Female is orange and the males are blue with vertical stripes
  • Nick - 2017-08-17
    I think it's a female. Only 2 egg spots..I think males have more. Could be wrong tho. But that's what I think.
Stefan Mihailescu - 2016-12-28

I could really use some help, i have 4 orange zebras in my tank, there are 2 of about 3inches and 2 juveniles of 1.5inch, the curiosity is that my male has only 2 spots on his anal fin ( and displays some pale blue accents on his fins) while the female has 7 egg spots on her fin. I have checkd the vents, the male has 2 similiar size and the female has 1 small 1 large vent ( tho i dont have that much expirience to be 100% sure i check'd it correct, i might still be to green to determin it right.)

Let me post some pictures of them, to hear some oppinions. Thank you, ( male close up ) ( male ) ( male ) ( female ) ( female ) ( female )

lighteningcrash - 2012-09-22
i have varied quantities of these fish available,(have oxygen,bags,boxes and can ship) red by blue,(sexable from birth)

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  • Mark Fuentez - 2014-02-25
    Do you have some males for sale I would like to buy some. Do you have other mbuna for sale?
  • Chris Johns - 2015-06-08
    how much are they to ship to alabama

Tony.H - 2014-12-18
I have been loosing fish one at a time in the past several weeks a can't figure out whats wrong today so I am watching the tank very closely today I notice mt Red Zebra has been acting weird and looks like there was something in it's mouth so I netted it to my surprise there were fri in it's mouth in ideas what I should do next too help the success of my little babies. I have a black convick & a sun cat along with the male that made all this happen in the tank any help would be appreciated

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-12-20
    That's exciting, your cichlid spawning makes me think your tank condition is not the reason you were losing fish. There's some good basic info on breeding teh Red Zebra on this page under the Breeding/Reproduction sections above. Wishing you excellent success, let us know how it goes.
Ingrid - 2014-10-21
I have a red zebra, super aggresive, killed 3 of my larger cichlids already, tore the skin of another mature convict, I put the zebra in its own tank , now what do I do? Add other zebra cichlids or leave it by itself?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-10-21
    They are a Mbuna, and these types of African Cichlids can be aggressive. Check your aquarium size and setup, a larger tanks with lots of rockwork for territories can help. An alternative is to overstock so there is constant confusion claiming territories and nobody gets the upper hand, but that can be stressful for the fish and it requires serious maintenance due to the load. I don't recommend it for long term maintenance. I prefer to set up a tank where everybody has plenty of room and tons of places to hide. Keep in mind that once cichlids 'own' their tank, they will be hard on newcomers.
  • Mark - 2014-12-08
    You not supposed to keep it with other fish then malawi mbuna. Even then you supposed to choose the fish that have similar level of agression. It's good to keep one male to 3 or more females.
lew - 2011-08-06
I am in dire need of females red zebras. I have bought a dozen or so localy and turns out they were all males. I hate seeing them tear each other up.

quicky2g - 2011-01-18
I have 2 of these in a 75 gallon, 1 in a 20 gallon long, and an orange blotched (OB) one in a 29 gallon. They are all very healthy, lively, and fun to watch. The 2 in the 75 gallon have had trouble getting bullied by similar sized african mbuna's but after shifting a few fish around things seem to have calmed down. Overall these are great fish for beginners to advanced. They are very easy to keep and have a great color!

Jeff Harma - 2011-09-02
I have one orange in color, red zebra, had belief originally a male, from store, now has brood in mouth, for one week. Other two male Cynotilapia afra, mbuna cichlid in 90 gal. tank, which may have fathered. I did not witness breeding, so awaiting to see if, so I've read, 20-30 fry, with zebra mother being watchful of the fry.

Chrissi - 2008-01-11
The Red African cichlids are definitely some of the most interesting fish I've ever seen!