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The Pseudotropheus Ice Blue is a beautiful African cichlid with a contrasting orange dorsal fin over an icy blue body!
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gilbert paule - 2009-07-18
bonjour je voudrez savoir pourquoi mon poisson avale des graviers et les recrache plus lien merci de me renseigner il fait des trou comme si il voulez faire un terrier repondez moi merci a bientot

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  • Marie - 2011-11-26
    I used google translate, so I'm not sure how good this is.
    Salut, je suis en utilisant Google Translate, je ne suis pas sûr combien il est bon (désolé)
    la plupart des cichlidés Creusez en prenant des bouchées de sable et de cracher. comme la plupart de creuser dans le sable, fais le mien tout le temps. ils ont surtout creuser quand ils veulent s'accoupler, mais certains aiment. ma glace bleue des zones creuses sous tout ce que je place dans mon réservoir.
Marie - 2011-11-26
I have been looking to figure out what type of chiclid it is forever (not very hard, but still looking.) Mine is very aggressive towards all the other fish in my tank for quite a while, but when I first got him (I think he is male); he was picked on a lot. I think I figured out why, though. He appears to be a father (I have only seen one baby, about 1 1/2 cm long) but there is no other Ice Blues in my tank, could he have fathered a 'mixed' bunch of fry?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-28
    Probably the ruling male.
quicky2g - 2011-01-19
I have one of these in a 75 gallon with several other african mbuna's. It got picked on at first but now it keeps to itself. It isn't really swimming with the other fish that much but it's not really getting picked on either. It's a very pretty fish but seems to be a little picky with food. It won't eat algae flakes that I feed my other mbuna's sometimes but it loves meatier flakes and live food. This is just my experience with them and other's might be different. The guy at the pet store said this would be a very aggressive fish but mine hasn't been at all.