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The eye-catching Maingano is a Lake Malawi African cichlid with a striking coloration!
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gilles - 2019-08-17
i received 2 maingano, a male and a female, could be from the same batch (brother and sister) i had too seperate them cause she was being pursued all the time, like he was trying too get rid of her....? at first i thought it must be two male, but no it is a male and a female.
Should i try joining them in the same aquarium again, i would love it if they breed.
Any sugestion...?

johnny - 2017-03-10
i have one or maybe hes a johnni dont know he/she is in a ten gallon with a texas cichlid hybrid whos a sissy a convict who is the biggest and meanest and a jewel cichlid whos also a sissy who will die

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  • me again - 2017-03-26
    no deaths yet but the mainago hates the jewel n beats him n the convict rules the tank will keep posted guesses wut will happen pls
ananya - 2013-05-31
these fishes are sold in kolkata in plenty. they are called 'blue auratus' here. i used to think these are blue auratus, before i searched this site. anyway, is there any blue variation of the original auratus species?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-31
    The Maingano (Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos) are such beautiful fish. They have vertical striping as is found on the Auratus Cichlid (Melanochromis auratus), though the Auratus has a gold coloring too. But maybe that's why they call it the 'blue Auratus' there. Thought they are different species, they are closely related and many Mbuna hybrids have been formed in captivity. The actual species will have their true coloration, but you can probably find a Mbuna hybrid in the color you want. As a matter of fact, so many different hybrids that have formed in captivity, there is no way to tell exactly what you are getting unless it is from a reputable dealer. But the true species and the hybrids are all beautiful fish:)
Jim Albright - 2013-02-25
I would not mix your Oscars with the Maingano or an E.B. Johanni!!

Sandy - 2009-08-04
The Maingano's are appearing to Me as they would be the perfect Cichlid for Me. I love Cichlids and have a few differant species and a couple are Oscars. They are all babies for now. I am just getting started back into fish after we moved several years ago and I had no choice but to sell all my fish :( I do enjoy caring and watching Cichlids. I love everything I have read about these Maingano Cichlids and what brillant color, WOW! If anyone knows of a rep. Breeder or Dealer that I could contact about these beautiful fish, please e-mail Me and give Me their contact information. Oh, also is there anyone that has some good pictures they could add to be viewed or e-mail Me? I would love to see more of these guys.
Thank you
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fish_are_awesome - 2011-10-06
If I get 1 male and 3 female mainganos what bottom dwelling fish can I put with it? (55 gallon tank)

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  • Alex Burleson - 2011-10-06
    For these species of fish, if you're interested in catfish a few species that would be able to deal with cichlids are the:
    -Rapheal Catfish (you could purchase 3-5 of these fish)
    -Almost any species in the Synodontis genus. Particularly the featherfin species.
    -Perhaps, a Britslenose pleco.

    Hope that helps!
  • fish_are_awesome - 2011-10-15
    Thanks, the striped raphaels will be ok in 55 gallon?