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What's special about the Dogtooth Cichlid? It's a small colorful Mbuna... but with unique teeth!
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Jeff Harma - 2013-02-10
Hi, my dogtooth 5 in a 90 gal., 'cept mother(sister) in a seperate tank with mouthful, been 11 days. The male now pursuing a teen daughter and one son that he is restricting from being too close.Seperated female to get all fry and not to be harassed. Mating, with other tank inhabitants, some vertical encircling of one another took place, saw eggs falling,  female to get in mouth and wether eggs all fertilized not sure of, yet. A fully orange in color female zebra pursues the male, especially at breed moments, believe once saw a fry alongside her, but no mature hybrid, which in captivity would not enter an African body of water. Many times eggs in mouth of zebra but no fry, she do try.

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  • Anonymous - 2013-02-11
    Hope she succeeds eventually!
Matt Ovenden - 2012-02-05
I have a male and female although the female has a lot less colour, but had great delight in watching them mate the other night and now she is holding.. the male is the most interesting fish to watch as he changes colour from almost black - thru to blue and almost brilliant white with his black vertical bars.. and is such a character.. such a flirt and very aggresive.. I've got to say probably my fave fish from the lake..

Matt - 2011-02-06
Just gave one away it was fine with my other malawi cichlids but he ate all the fins off my blue dragon eel. I separated the eel he has his own home now so I'll think I'll get back my fish.

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  • kayla - 2011-03-12
    My electric blue johanni did the same thing. Blue dragon eel is doing fine now in a community tank.
anna - 2010-02-18
These fish are fun to watch and very beautiful.