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The Compressed Cichlid a  beautiful and graceful fish, and with a very distinctive body shape!
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Jason Aldridge - 2012-10-22
What works for me is making my tank as much like a pond as possible...Please don't mistake this as a lack of filtration but the opposite. I have 3 h.o.b. filters (aquaclear I think) on my 29 gallon Goldhead tank. I haven't changed the filters in that thing for 5 months, I just keep solid waste to a minimum with quick siphon use and top off using prime dechlor. I think the key is regularity. 1 or 2 gallons removed from my tank using a siphon and then replaced isn't a 30% water change, throw the rules out the window....These fish appreciate stability and will reciprocate that appreciation to you in the form of fry. Sad Compressiceps won't breed. I feed Tetra Jumbo Krill (broken in half while dry) and mysis shrimp and occasional live brine treat. New life spectrum is a great first food to offer also. THESE FISH ARE FAR FROM DELICATE!! I often hold them out of water for 45 seconds at a time for accurate sexing. I STRONGLY agree with the other fella or lady about the Conch Shells....VERY IMPORTANT!! I wanted to show in this post that comps and calvus are actually very easy fish to care for and of all the comps. I've had and have, none have died from a mysterious illness or disappeared. Thank you for your time

Ryan - 2005-09-07
I have a gold-head compressiceps and it is a really great fish. He really loves bloodworms. They do tend to grow very slow though

tamara berg - 2003-08-09
To tell the males and the females of this species (Lamprologus compressiceps) apart... the anal fins of the males extend beyond the begining of the tail fin, and the anal fins are more pointed than that of the females.

Gary Biggs - 2008-05-28
I've got a breeding pair of 'wild caught' + G1 Calvus White Chaitika, a pair of breeding 'wild caught' Yellow compressiceps, a pair of breeding 'wild caught' Goldface compressiceps, and a few other wild caught cichlids breeding. Love'em. Others are Frontosa mpimbwe blues (wild caught) 2 males 7 females, 2 pair of breeding cylindricus(Isanga), a pack of lelupei firecrackers(7), breeding pair of Variabilichromis 'Moori', breeding pair of julidochromis 'transcriptus', breeding pair of brichardi 'Helianthus' and 'Jumbo Yellow'. Cichlids can be a hard habit to break. lol But lots of fun. All my breeders are 'wild caught' with the exception of 1 g1 pair of calvus White Chaitika. Everyone enjoy the experience. And I try not to pull too many hairs out, trying to figure out these very finicky, aggressive fish. But right water conditions and lots of caves, rocks, conch shell, etc. and they'll do their own thing. Just sit back, watch and enjoy. Peace and good luck to all. Gary Biggs

Mike - 2005-05-10
the compressed cichlid grows very slow and should be kept in a tank where it is not bullied until able to fend for itself.