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The blotch of bright red color on its side, often in the shape of a heart, gives the Bleeding Heart Tetra its memorable name!
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Maddy - 2020-05-01
I've had my two bleeding heart tetras for about a year now. I chose the hearts because of how beautiful they are, they immediately caught my eye! When I got them, they were planned to be tank mates with my female betta. They all surprisingly got along, but recently my female betta passed. My bleeding heart tetras, panda and pocky, seemed kinda sad and wouldn't swim around after my betta died, so I went out and got 5 neon tetras. everything seemed fine the first day, but each day after, one would disappear. Only one neon tetra survived and it's in a different tank now. But after I rearranged Panda and Pocky's tank they are more active now! Their current tank mates are 6 ghost shrimp and one snail. They are very nice to the shrimp, thankfully. These guys are very beautiful and relaxing to watch. They're aggressive to smaller fish, but they haven't hurt any shrimp so far!!

J - 2006-05-21
This is a great fish! Great for community tanks WITHOUT fin-nippers.
In our tank about 3 years ago, they were healthy, but something nipped their fins off. Back then we had goldfish, neon tetras, black skirt tetras, glowlight tetras, and a common pleco.

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  • Berenice - 2015-11-27
    Black skirts are very naughty.
Rhianna - 2015-03-13
My four bleeding heart tetras are anything but peaceful. They are actually quite aggressive and go after every other fish in our very large tank. They are looking to be rehomed.

Anonymous - 2013-01-23
my bleeding heart tetras stopped eating

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-24
    Most common reason for a group of fish to stop eating is water conditions.  Test your water levels with some test strips or bring a water sample into the pet store and ask them to test it.
kevin lindstrom - 2011-05-29
I just want to say these are great fish but I did find one of mine with a little neon in his mouth the other morning. So make sure the fish you have are of same size.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-29
    I am sorry. The Bleeding Hearts school really well with their own species. However, they do get large and a neon is just a little fella. Thanks for telling us all cuz we forget or don't remember - or in many cases just don't know. Thanks again.
  • JG - 2012-01-16
    Shocking. Bigger omivorous fish eat littler fish. Who'd a thunk it?
Melisa - 2012-01-16
I just bought bleeding heart tetras from the Peter re last night. I was told that they would get along fine with my guppies, but they ate all the guppie babies...

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  • Melisa - 2012-01-16
    *pet store
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-16
    It is difficult for many stores - especially the chain stores to actually know and have knowledge as to what fish can be with what fish. What size tank, food, diseases etc. You either need to find a true specialty fish pet store or do a lot of reading. I am sorry this happened to you and I am sorry the advice was wrong and I am also sorry there is really nothing you can do about it. Most people that work in these chains have limited or no knowledge of the fish/birds that are there.
Sharon - 2007-04-29
I have 6 of these guys and they are indeed lovely and hardy fish. They do tend to hide behind my driftwood with the exception of 2 that love to zip around the tank. Great fish!