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Black Neon Tetras in an aquarium decorated with plants and a dark substrate make a striking show!
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Henry Chua - 2003-09-12
I have misjudged this wonderful fish. As i noticed the shoal of Rasboras were frightened by my shoal of Black Neon Tetras, I misunderstood the fear for agression by the Black Neon Tetras. I was gazing at them and realised that the Rasboras must have been unaccustomed by my Black Neon Tetras (as they are new to the Coummunity) thus frightened, days ago. If one spends time noticing the activities of a Community tank, one can discover that there is beauty in these tetras.

Kayla - 2016-02-07
I've had these fish on and off, but I have a shoal of 14 of them. They are in a 37 gallon with a koi angelfish and 10 peppered corydoras. Never had any nipping and they are pretty calm fish. Much harder then the Neon Tetra.

Connor - 2014-10-15
I have 3 of these lovely black neon tetras and they are lovely and they are very placid fish. Mine eat quite well and they aren't shy, they don't come out all of the time most of the time they do. I am planning on getting some more so I recommend you get these fish in your tank.

Chris F - 2014-06-01
I have 4 black neon tetras and 3 swordtails, two of my swordtails died and left one female, will she be ok with the tetras? She chases them around but never nips at them.

monica - 2013-01-06
i got these black neon tetras in my 48G tank with my zebra danios (5) , 8 white cloud mountain minnows, 1 bristle nose pleco and two hill stream loaches what i can say these fishes do get on well , swim fantastic together ( shoal together ) , show bright colors :) Now i am cycling my 16G long tank , planning to put a small group of black neon tetras (6) with a apple snail :), they are my favorite fish

Benzoca - 2009-10-16
From my experience I don't think bettas should be with black neons since black neons like to be in shoals. I suggest having them with neon tetras like I have, also if you don't have any plants, try getting some with gravel, its better for them.

Jack - 2005-05-31
I have 10 of these great fish along with 10 neon tetras in a 10 gallon tank. I love the way they swim around and how u can see just the neon stripes at night. They are a wonderful fish for all community tanks. I hope they may start to breed so that I can have an excuse to get a bigger tank.

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  • kristin - 2010-06-13
    You NEED a bigger tank. 10 fish is WAY too many for a 10 gallon tank.
Fishy fish - 2011-01-03
Hi, I have 6 of these fish in a 10 gallon tank! What other fish could I put in? I was thinking of guppies if so how many? NEED ANSWER ASAP!

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  • sazure - 2011-01-03
    This is old post but in case anyone runs across it. Guppies are not compatible with black neon tetras (need diff ph) and 6 in a ten is about it. Even though they are "small" they produce waste so on and it is best to not overload such a small aquarium... Add more low light plants (they love them) and maybe a few pygmy corries - but actually a 20 long is best to do that.

    Tons of experience (50 years) plus background in related fields.
  • fish boy - 2011-02-19
    You can add just about any small fish. Many tetra species, hatchets, rasboras, gouramis, plecos, corys, guppies, or platys.
sarah b - 2011-01-27
I have 5 of these guys in a 20 gallon and I have to say mine are pretty hardy. They are the only fish I still have alive apart from my 2 female mollies and pleco that I bought nearly 1 year ago. Any other fish I've had has died. They have survived a broken heater for a few days, they have had ick and lived, (some of my other fish got ick and died), they have been attacked by other fish and lived. They are the only tetras that I've managed to keep alive.

Caitlyn - 2008-09-25
Today I bought two new neon tetras, they were so cool and they seemed fine. Then at night my mom was taking out the first dead one, then she spotted them both. I was told they get along, with a betta and neon tetras. I was so disappointed when they died but I'm still going to get new ones.

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  • Bettaboy - 2010-05-11
    Why don't you figure out what you did wrong to kill your fish before you run out to get "new ones" --- they are living sentient beings - deserving of better care.

    Betta's are best kept alone in a larger tank then cube size but these schooling fish need larger shoals (in the wild hundreds and thousands) or will not thrive if two or three - insecurity and other stresses kill. It seems you did not acclimate ie same ph, same temp same bacteria meaning you need to slowly dribble out their water and the new water into a holding tank ( .24 ph diff in ONE day)...

    These are not true tetras... so best kept with larger shoal.

    Best and do some reading up...