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Peppered Cories are delightful little fish that help keep the bottom of the aquarium clean by eating up leftover foods!
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John B - 2018-01-06
I’m probably best refered to as a novice aquarist—-I’ve had the usual goldfish in a bowl to a 20g tropical tank for over 50 years—-I’ve basically kept to my own methods of care cause I’m just not into making this hobby into a job...approximately 5 years ago I happened upon a super tiny baby bull head catfish while on vacation and decided I had to have it—-brought it home violating what I’m sure was no less than a dozen DNR and local laws...I haven’t had any regrets—-the bull head moved whatever I had in tropical fish including two Cories outta their 20g home into an old 10g tank I had laying around...the bull head has thrived magnificently and become the apple of my aquatic eye—-the tropical fish I long ago lost interest in but they refuse to move onto fishy heaven—-the two Cories must be about ten years old which blows my mind—-plus they continue to occasionally smatter eggs on the sides of the tank, and then devour them like caviar...yet today while I did something rare like clean the tank, while dumping out dirty water into the tub, I found a little pinhead sized Cory swimming around just prior to his meeting an early demise down the drain—I netted him out and placed him in what I use for a hospital tank—-I don’t know if he’ll survive but I’ll do what I can—-one of the present Corys I have was born in my tank so anything is possible!—-even though that was 7 or 8 years ago...I’m not going to go buy a pump and filter nor attach a heater—-ain’t spending my money that way or get overly obsessive here—I consider the longevity and good health of the tropicals to be somewhat a phenomenon—-besides the two Corys there’s two cherry barbs and two tetra something or others of which actual variety I’ve said my bull head is all I’m really further interested in and as said hoped these fish would’ve moved on by now—the fact theyve survived elements of neglect, two ich epidemics long ago,and even reproduced is something I have no answer for—-but I guess this is part of what makes us aquarists tick—-to marvel at the miracle of life, and how our intervention (plus lack of) affects their ability to survive and thrive.

Richard Bruce - 2017-06-04
This fish breeds best in the 60s. I have not seen it breed in the 70s.

Heidi Luchsinger - 2017-06-01
We've had a peppered cory catfish since December and it is not doing so well. Swimming vertical and not very active but still very alive. Did water change (1/2 tank), added salts, added air rock, changed filter. Any ideas?

Maria Anderson - 2015-04-26
Hi, I'd very much like some feeding advice! I have three Corydoras aeneus and three Pangio kuhlii. The Cordy's absolutely throw themselves over the pellets and tablets that I give them twice a day, and there's really nothing left for the Kuhlii guys once they are done! The Kuhlii's come out from their hidingplaces every now and then, but they always comes out too late when it's feeding time! The Cory's has cleaned the plate, so to speak, and left nothing! And even if I see the Kuhlii's and try to make a tablet sink closeby to them, the Cory's are like missiles and eats that tablet too! How do I make sure that the Kuhlii's gets properly fed too?!!!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-04-28
    That's a challenge, because your Corydoras are simply much more active. You may want to move them to their own tank.
Kim - 2014-10-09
I have a male peppered cory catfish that has been breeding with all my females. I watch the male chase the female if his choice, and they successfully breed. After the females places the eggs on the tank walls, I carefully remove them and place them in a well circulated container. After about two days the eggs show no signs of life and grow fungus. Is it possible to have A sterile male? If not, what could I be doing wrong?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-10-11
    Hard to say what's going on, it could be possible the male is sterile. If the eggs are firm, then they are probably not dead. Fungus grows on dead eggs. The best fungicide for eggs is methalyne blue. Some people also add Red Cherry shrimp to help keep things clean in the grow out tank. Also to help prevent its growth make sure the tank water isn't stagnant (has adequate aeration). 
  • Kim healey - 2014-10-12
    I know my tank is clean and the water temp. Is ware it should be and the PH levels are also correct. I have a standard filter outside the tank, with oxygen, and I also have a slow but constant currant in the tank. My Corey's are happy and healthy enough to breed constantly. Every other day I wake up to multiple egg clusters all over the tank. But after 2 days they stay that white clear color, from what I've read means there not fertile and then the fungus grows:/...
kye turnbull - 2013-05-12
my corydoras went mental and kept swimming forward 24 7

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-05-13
    Water conditions will do that sometimes.  I would do an amonia test.
  • nancy - 2013-07-24
    My corys are a lot more active mid tank now. One of them has turned bluish and spends time with his mouth near the surface in the back corner. The other one entices it away to play but I think the blue one is slowly dying. I think the blue is from low oxygen. This has been going on for several weeks now. There is lots of oxygen in the tank from 2 filters and a power head too. Have yours changed color?
  • Kim - 2014-10-09
    You may have a high PH level.