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The Ocellated Synodontis is a catfish with plenty of spots, and sometimes very big spots!
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Rito Aru - 2015-09-17
Hey is it ok to put this fish with tiger barbs and danios?? 10 tiger barbs 10 zebra danios

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-09-24
    This catfish is not aggressive, but it will eat fish that fit in its mouth. The Zebra Danios are the ones I would be most concerned with, and then the tiger barbs if they are too small as this large catfish grows.
  • Jim Whitaker - 2017-11-24
    Thanks for this answer. I've owned this fish for several years now and his large tankmates have died off one by one over the years. I'm considering new one's and this is one of my concerns.
jason - 2010-10-28
hey it me again i have and just got 3 weeks ago he is 7 inches they can 19 inches if put in big tank. i have 2 names jason and jason 5

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  • Courtney - 2014-07-19
    Do you have a bigger tank for sale , my catfish is getting to big for my 75gal
Laurene Normandie - 2014-06-30
Good Evening Everyone...I just 'rescued' 2 synodontis catfish,  from my son who could not longer keep his tank. 

My question is...Both of them appear to have 'sores' or what  looks like inverted barnacles.  Not sure what to do. They are about 3 years old and both have cataracts. 

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-07-22
    It sounds like they have cloudy eyes, along with the sores, which are most likely the result of poor husbandry.  Try treating them with an antibiotic. You can also add some Melafix to the water (tea oil remedy for fish that helps with wounds and helps reduce infection). Also be sure you have a large enough tank for them with some rocks or wood to create hiding places and keep the tank clean with regular water changes. 
jason - 2011-03-10
I give mine feeder fish with my hoplo catfish and a oscar but also have a common pleco but my syndontis grew an inch. My hoplo catfish is hoplosternum littorale which is 9 inches and my oscar is 9 inches and the syndontis ocellifer is 8 inches and the pleco is 9 inches. All of them but the pleco eat feeder fish which include minnows and gold fish my fish are awesome my hoplo catfish and the oscar beg me for food a freakin catfish begs me for food like the oscar.

dave gross - 2008-05-15
My upside down cat was only an inch when I got him, he is now 15 inches big and five years old. He's been through several tanks and many road trips, very hardy. They told us he would only get six inches when mature, boy were they wrong about this guy. He started eating other fish at four inches. We didn't realize it for a while because it was happening at night, then one night I sat there with a black light (which they don't mind at all) and caught him in the act. So he spent the last four years with my Oscars. He's now too big for them too. It's a pretty sad sight to see three ten inch Oscars being bullied by one fish. Anyway, I keep looking for someone that might know more about this fish. He doesn't seem to fit in any categories I've searched. He's solid black and about as big as a softball in the middle with a long string-like thing hanging at the end of his tail(15 inches without the string). The only fish I've ever seen like him was in an old James Bond movie.

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  • jason 5 - 2011-02-17
    Is he still alive and is he or she look like the picture?
Jason - 2009-07-02
This fish grows nine inches. They like earth worms. I will be getting one of these catfish.

-B - 2009-02-25
I'm Confused. I see two varieties of "upside down catfish". I own a pair of both, and neither seems to be inverted very much. The variety with the smaller spots and shorter body grow extremely fast and are aggressive eaters. Good community fish. May chase some other catfish when it's feeding time (especially when they get big). (I have a 100 and a 75 gallon tank, each with lots of caves and plants. I have mixed these cats with community, and aggressive tank mates with success.)

I have yet to see any pictures of adult "upside down" cats that look exactly like the first one I bought. I have a feeling some pet shop distributors collect many of these from the wild, and some varieties are mixed and mistaken for one another. I'm still unable to identify one of the four I have purchased.

D Ly - 2009-02-12
I've found these critters to be extremely hardy. They hide within the driftwood and plants. One grew extra fast and grew from 1.5 inches to 3 inches in 2 months. That fish dominates the others and chases them out of it's territory. At feeding time the big one would quickly rush out from it's favourite hiding place to grab a piece of algae wafer and quickly rush back in. It occassionally fights with the dominating Sailfin pleco for territory and food. A sudden Australian summer heat wave killed 90% of my fish. The Syndontis Ocellifer all survived though it was 35 degrees C (90 degrees F) in the tank for 5 straight days (even with the heater off). Got mine at a bargain. 2 for $25 however a week later the shop increased them to 2 for $55. I find them to be a great addition to any tank.

Holly - 2006-05-27
i just got a catfish and it is wild! if you don't have a catfish and you want a playful easy-to-care-for fish then i highly recommend going to the pet store and buying a upside down catfish. my experiance has been great! Dot is the name of my catfish and is liveliest fish i have ever had!

kathy 5-6-06. - 2006-05-06
my up-side down catfish likes to hide in my treasure chest until it's time to eat. he likes my other fishes too. I like to find out more about it. He's very graceful too. He doesn't swim much around the tank. I love it. He's neat. Thank-you for listening. May 6) 2006.