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The Julii Cory is very pretty, one of the most popular and regularly purchased Corydoras catfish!
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Jennifer Lafon - 2013-01-15
I recently purchased 4 more julii Cory catfish to my community aquarium. I first purchased 2 & had to have more they add a lot of fun to the gang.I was wondering if anyone knows how long it takes for then to get to be full size adults?

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  • Jennifer Lafon - 2013-03-07
    After I added my 4 new lil julii corys, 1 died in a few days, he must have been sick because all of my others are doing fine. The problem now is, I have a moderatley to heavy planted tank. I count my fish daily yet my julii's are aalways hiding. They live w/ 6brilliant rasnora, 6 harlequin rasbora 6, long fin cherry barbs and a few oto catfish. Could one of my other fish be bothering them or do you think they are just hiding from the higher light during times of heavy lighting which I have for plant growth? When I turn my led blue light on in the evening they do come out to feed. & play??? Maybe too many plants or could it be something else ??? I'm concerned. Should I remove some of my plants? Idk. Anyadvise is
  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-03-07
    They may come out more when lights are off.  What other fish are in the tank?   Plants should not be an issue>
  • JuliiCoryFan - 2016-07-22
    They are nocturnal. Thus, they move around more at night or when the light is dim.
Iv - 2003-08-27
If you dont like the catfish that stick to a window all day and dont move, then the CORYDORAS species, and especially this one is for you. Its very peaceful, and a good gravel cleaner. Just make sure that the gravel its not rough (no stones or anything) because that can cut and injure their stomachs because they swim very close to the bottom. If you want rocks and stuff, buy rocks that are POLISHED, so they wont injure your Cory Catfish. This species is very active and they go around your tank all day like a little submarine looking for food. Buy them in pair because they get lonely, and besides, they like to swim 2-4 in pcks, and its very fun and entertaining for the person thats looking at them! Irecommend this fish!

Brandon T - 2009-05-25
Julli Corys are great! I used to have one but since they get along with my 4 Zebra Danios and 4 Neon Tetras, I'm going to get another one in a couple of days.

Brenda - 2008-08-14
Are they high matinence and are they freshwater or saltwater? Don't want any surprises when I get them.

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  • Emily - 2010-08-18
    Low maintenance. Freshwater. They need docile tank-mates though - nobody that will nip at their fins, as cories are not very adept at protecting themselves.
  • BMN - 2011-01-14
    They are low maintenance. They are freshwater. They are gregarious. Buy at least two. I have six in a 30 gal. community tank with other fish.
FISH FANATIC - 2010-05-06
What is the maximum amount of julii corys in a 24" tank?

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  • Emily - 2010-08-18
    24" by what? 24" x 24" x 24"? I'm assuming you're talking about a 20 gallon long tank, but a 29 high I think is also 24" wide. And the number also depends on the tankmates you wish to add (or that are already present). A group of cories should never be less than 3, and unless they are pygmy cories, they shouldn't be in anything smaller than 10 gallons at a minimum. Bigger is always better here. In a 20 gallon, if no other fish are present, you might be able to get 10 or 12 in there comfortably. If other fish are present, this number will drop, and if the tank is less than 20 gallons, the number will drop too. Lots of factors apply here.
Anonymous - 2009-03-03
Just as a word to the wise, a lot of corydoras sold as juliis are actually trilineatus. You have to look at the two, very closely to figure out which is which. The trilineatus has a reticulated head pattern (little squiggly lines) whereas the true julii has a head pattern made up of little individual dots.

ps: the photo for this section appears more like trilineatus than julii. A clearer photo would help people identify the correct corydoras species. Editor's Note: Anyone with a clearer picture, please enter it into the gallery and we can replace this one.

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  • Amanda - 2010-07-27
    What are the difference between the two? If one was looking for a Julii, and ended up with a Trillneatus, for example.
Jami Thomas - 2009-10-13
When adding cory cats to your aquarium, unless you have an extremely small tank, under 2 1/2 gallons, always get two cory cats. They do much better in pairs, and are much more fun to watch.

Mick the fish - 2008-12-30
I have a school / shoal of 10 jullis in my 5" tank, they have been in for 2 months now and are exceptional tank mates for the rest of the fish , even inducing some of their more stoic tankmates to imitate their erratic behavior at times. I would recommend the species as an excellent addition to any starter tank, but please let the tank become established first as they seem to thrive on the detritus and residue. Another note, as was posted earlier, ensure the substrate does not contain sharp / angular gravel as this not only could damage their undersides, it will also, eventually wear away their barbels.

kathy - 2008-10-09
I got 2 more Julii cory cats. The pet shop in my town finally got them in. I'm glad the owner was able to get them. She saved me 2 of them, so now I have 4 Julii's. They school around together. Sometimes when one swims, then they all follow. They're always doing something. I love to watch them swim. I love my Jilii's.

kathy - 2008-07-23
I got 2 more julii corys Saturday from Petco. They are so cute. They swim around together. Their always doing something. I love my julii's. I hope in time I can get more.