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   Giant Vallisneria are a great plant for tall aquariums since the leaves can grow up to 39 inches long!
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Rito Aru - 2015-05-08
Well i didnt know that this plant grows tall so i cutted it and it looked so bad. But they grow very fast in my tank .

Anonymous - 2010-04-20
I have a 140 gallon tank, do you think the plant will grow all the way over to the other side (my english isn't so good :(, I'm Norwegia )

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  • Lyndon McCrea - 2012-11-09
    It depends on what your light levels and nutrient supply are, most likely will though, it is a super hardy plant. Happy fishkeeping!
  • E.SNYDER - 2013-09-01
    DEFINITLY a possibility. I have one in a 60 gallon the tank is 25 inches tall 4 foot long and my val. has grown. From the back it covers some of the top of the tank and it's actually coming down the front of my tank! 1 of the 'arms' as I call them has to be close to 3 feet. It keeps having little babies too. I like it, neat hardy plant. Get one and try it out bud. Good luck.
allan - 2005-01-23
This plant seems to need lots of light. In my tall narrow triangular tank it grew well at the front - I didnt know it has a few months dormancy and threw it out. i have re-purchased but its at the back in a dark corner and not doing well at all.

heather levin - 2004-08-10
i have one of these that just takes over the aquarium. it breeds ferociously and even when i take it out of the aquariun it just pops up with new ones. i want to control it better with a social fish that could eat the plant and help keep it under control.

John Breczinski - 2005-01-04
I have collected plants indistinguishable from giant vallisneria in streams and lakes in Minnesota. They seem to do better than the vals I

jim bowler - 2005-04-10
have gaint vallisneria plants in both 100 & 77 gal. tanks planted at one end of the tanks and leaves grow to the other end of tank leaves are about 6 feet long