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The Dahlia Anemone sets itself apart from its cousins by a preference for cracks and crevices!
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SREENATH - 2010-04-21
This content is very good.

sqwat - 2010-10-26
I was able to find one of these at a lfs and was so happy I did they are so beautiful. Best anemone for a micro tank since they stay small and don't need a heater. It is very fast eater I have never seen an anemone's head move so fast from one side to the other to eat. The tentacles are very sticky and I don't think a clown could ever use one. I have a lot of small shrimp in my tank and the tentacles are so sticky that if their antenna even touch them he will quickly turn his head and the shrimp is doomed. Also they are so fast when you add some pods in the tank his little ten tentacle tips just pick them of one by one the coolest thing ever to watch. The colors are so intense it is beautiful. If you get a chance to get one do so and set up a species only 5 gallon tank with maybe a kenya tree or some paly's do not pass up the chance to own one of these guys. You can add one in a nano or large tank to just make sure the placement is right because if he goes on the move he will not just sting but eat any corals that stick to his superglue tentacles. A must have for the serious anemone enthusiast but a very rare one to find in certain parts of the world if you live in england you can probably just find one at the lagoons.