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Bob - 2016-02-02
I would like to purchase a quantity of Aiptasia for my Berghia Nudibranch. If you have some available, please respond.

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  • Gihvvguv - 2020-01-21
    Hi Bob I have 100 in stock how many do u want?
Animal-World info on Organ Pipe Coral
Animal Story on Organ Pipe Coral
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Unknown123 - 2019-11-14
i think that this had helped me a lot, i'm doing a organ pipe coral for my report and this information was very useful thanks!

Animal-World info on Encrusting Gorgonian
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Jacob - 2019-10-30
I am looking for either a larger one or a few smaller frags

Animal-World info on Squamosa Clams
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ahmed Amer - 2019-09-30
Hello dear
If you are interested to import fluted giant clam ( Tridacna squamosa) from egypt i am the only one in egypt can send it with cites
Looking for receive order from you

Best regards

Animal-World info on Leather Coral Facts
Animal Story on Leather Coral Facts
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Anonymous - 2019-07-02
Hi I have a leather toadstool coral, had it for about 2 to 3 weeks and it just doesnt look happy it’s always Inclosed an will only show a few bristles from time to time is there anything I need to do ? Does it have to be on a flat surface to open up? What should I do ?

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James - 2019-06-15
“Phosphates zero - all corals hate them”. This statement is extremely wrong. Corals need phosphates as they are part of their food source.

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Mason Ciarpella - 2018-12-24
I was wondering if you had a piece of stag horn coral in it’s natural golden tan color. I’m not a huge fan of all the bright green or deep purple specimens I usually find. Also if you do have the color stag I’m looking for I’m probably not going to be buying it for a couple of years because the tank it’s going to go in is currently somebody else’s, so it’s going to be a long process of getting it to my house and then starting the system back up.

Animal-World info on Green Star Polyps
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Greg - 2018-09-08
I had a large rock full of polyps up until 3 months ago My nitrates rose very high (magenta colored), probably from over feeding. They have not opened in several weeks now. There is still the purple color on the rock, which I’ve been told is a sign that there is still life. Any advice would be highly appreciated

Animal-World info on Fleshy Sea Pen
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Anonymous - 2018-06-07
Does anyone have a fleshy sea pen?

Animal-World info on Yellow Polyps
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reefboy - 2018-03-22
Try to lower a nutrient as this one like a nutrient rich water and this will slow their growth rate, if this is not possible, remove the affected rock and replace with new cured/high quality fresh live rock


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