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   These intriguing little squirrels have a large fold of furred skin stretching from their forefeet to their hind feet which they spread out like a parachute and glide from tree branch to tree branch, thus their name "flying squirrel"!
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Angie Fowler - 2010-12-03
I have recently found a flying squirrel. Age unknown, it was found under a garbage can lid by a friend. I have some knowledge of flyers, by working at Niceville Animal Clinic in Niceville, FL. for 10 years. I would like to know how to sex the flyer so that I may get another for its company. I would also like to talk to anyone in this area that might have a flying squirrel. Yes I do know about the love and care I am in store for in raising this beauty. Any suggestions for the flight cage and nesting box?

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  • April - 2011-06-22
    I have 3 that are as healthy as they can be. Just thought I'd send you the web address that I used to take care of mine. I love this site.
  • Derek Bass - 2011-10-19
    I would like one or two pls contact me let's see what kind of arrange some kind of meeting. You can call me (386) 590 9174. Would like to hear back from you thanks

Anthony - 2011-01-17
I live in New York and want to have a flying squirrel as a pet. Can anyone help me out? My email is

derek bass - 2010-12-02
I'm looking for flying squirrels to raise please contact me (386)590 9174 thank you.

Angie - 2010-05-20

I am raising four baby flying squirrels. Looking for permanent homes for them. 3 males, 1 female. ready to go in about a month. SE Wisconsin

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  • Randi - 2010-10-06
    Hi was wondering if you have any babies left and how much you're asking for them. Also how old --I would be interested in the female most if you still have her.
  • jo timmons - 2010-10-27
    My name is jo and I have a young male. Interested in a female. I have raised squirrels all my life. I love you still have any left?
  • Jessica - 2010-11-01
    Hi my name is jessica and I am raising a baby gray squirrel do you know if they will get along with each other?
jacob - 2010-10-22
Hi, I found a baby fly squirrel in my yard and I'm not sure how old he is or how to take care of him. He is about six inches long and his eyes are fully opened. Any help will help. Email me at Thank you.

Mimi - 2010-04-06
I am hoping someone can give me some input to an issue we are having with our flying squirrel " squirrely". She is approx. 4 1/2 yrs. now we have had her since she was really tiny we found her on the ground in our yard she was so small we had to bottle feed her. She has always been the best little pet. Recently however she has become aggressive with us. She has a nice large tall pen and is released in a room at night to glide around. We are looking for some insight into why she has become aggressive. It's been about 6-8 weeks now. Do they go through a hormonal maturity or heat cycles that could cause this and if so how long does their cycle last or could there be something wrong with her such as a brain tumor. I have to say we only recently noticed that her nipples down her belly are visible. We don't know what to do. Is there a vet we can contact that is familiar with flying squirrel behavior. Nothing has changed in her surroundings that should have caused this change in her does anyone know if this is typical? Any info is greatly appreciated. We are so worried about her. And wonder if she needs to be introduced or released back into the wild. Thank you for any help.

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  • Diana Walls - 2010-09-19
    Hope your squirrel is ok. All wild animals become aggressive at some point in their lives. It is illegal to keep wild animals for a reason. You have an animal who's wild instincts just took over and she wants to "go home" to the woods where she should have been in the first place. The next time you find a wild animal I hope that you have the forsight to take it to a wildlife rehabber and not try to raise it as a pet to become unhappy and unreleasable. There is nothing wrong with your squirrel. She is healthy and just acting like a wild animal. Take her to an environmental center.
  • Michael Tyler - 2010-09-22
    Sounds like mating season to me. Tends to case mood swings in flyers. The nipples showing is definitely a sign of that as well.
chelsey - 2010-08-14
hey, i am looking for a female flying squirrel pup. mine had died a few months ago and i am ready to have a strong bond and someone to put effort into if you have one please call or email. i would greatly appretiate it. 904-422-2515 or 904-219-2711

hope - 2010-02-06
I don't know where to list this but..I need help. Our outside cat got ahold of a flying squirrel. I live in Middleburg Florida. It seems to be fine on the outside she/he is moving around but kinda of balled up like she is trying to sleep. I think the cat just wore him out. I don't know. We tried all day to catch the thing on the porch but we couldn't get it. Now we have it in a box all soft an cozy. I don't know if it is young or not. I don't want it to die and I have no money for a vet. Help me help this critter please.

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  • Sarah - 2010-02-17
    Is the squirrel doing better and still on your porch? My cat brought in a Flying squirrel as well and we had to catch it on our porch too (it swam across the whole pool and jumped and FLOPPED a LOT) and now it's been my pet living in my bathroom for 3 months! I wonder if he wants a buddy!? If your squirrel isn't hurt (I thought my guy was hurt too) and you still have him, they don't need much maintenance for health up-keep and their diets are fairly simple and they actually adapt to their human owner pretty quick w/ patience!
  • tess - 2010-02-23
    I was wondering if your flying squirrel is still doing ok? I would like to find out how to get in touch with you if you still have him. I live in Jacksonville and have done wildlife rehabilitation for years and would be more than happy to meet up with you and take him rehabilitate him and release him when he is ready.
  • lila - 2010-03-02
    My animal is so cool, southern flying squirrel.
  • Chris - 2010-03-03
    Would come and get it at your convience. Have raised them in the past. I just lost Rocky last month he was 9yrs old. So I would be willing to come now.
  • Sarah - 2010-04-03
    Hello! I was just reading up on how I should set up my flying squirrels new cage (which is huge) but the SAME EXACT THING happened to me and now my Flying squirrel has been my buddy for about 4 months now! Fortunately my cat did not harm him and he WAS worn out after we tried to catch him on our porch (especially after taking a lap in the pool)... I let him take over our spare bathroom for a couple months and finally got around to ordering a cage off ebay and bought a set of the little pouches and nests and blankets etc. to go with it and TODAY is the first day of trying it out... "HOPE" you get this message and hope I can help!
  • christine - 2010-05-05
    Please consider keeping your cat in the house. I have rescued birds and squirrels from these domestic invasive animals that should be kept as house pets. They cause so much damage to the natural wildlife, it's very sad. I have new neighbors that just moved in and of course - with more cats! I have two cats myself, and yes, they live indoors where they are safe as well as the wild creatures in my yard.
    Hope the little squirrel survives. Try feeding it some rodent biscuits as well as fresh fruit such as apples, grapes and maybe some hard boiled egg.
  • somebody - 2010-07-03
    You should check the internet and see what size the average adult flying squirrel is.
  • Tom - 2010-07-29
    The problem is there could be internal bleeding you would have to go to the vet or.... well put it down I wish I could do more to help....
hunter - 2010-05-19
Thanks I used it for school.