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   These intriguing little squirrels have a large fold of furred skin stretching from their forefeet to their hind feet which they spread out like a parachute and glide from tree branch to tree branch, thus their name "flying squirrel"!
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Julie testori - 2014-12-09
Hoping to find a baby southern flying squirrel! Please contact me if you have a baby available. Thank you!

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  • noelmancias - 2014-12-14
    i have one
  • kim - 2015-01-18
    Do you still have the baby...where are you?
Brittany Salsman - 2015-01-16
I am interested in getting a flying squirrel. I am in Lafayette, LA and can be reached at Thanks so much!

Joshua Hargon - 2014-11-26
I want a male flying squirrel

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  • peyton - 2014-11-29
    I have a 5 week old southern flying squirrel for 150$ right now.
  • Terry Williams - 2014-12-06
    Joshua did someone contact you about with baby flying squirrels if so could give me there contact info or give them mine. I would like to buy 1 also. Thanks Terry
  • Demetria - 2014-12-14
    Hello, I am also looking to purchase a baby flying squirrel....please contact me at
  • aaron - 2015-01-10
    I have a male flying squirrel raised from 2 weeks old he is approximately 3 month old very healthy with cage lots of others great with kids text or call 9314454778
  • Star - 2015-01-11
    Hello, I am very interested in buying a flying squirrel. If anyone has any available please email me at Thanks!
noelmancias - 2014-12-14
I have a southern flying squirrel. it's very little, but it's eyes are opened and it has fur. $150.00 located in west Monroe Louisiana

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  • Terry Williams - 2014-12-14
    We are very interested in adopting your flying squirrel. We live in Baton Rouge and would be able to come meet you and purchase the squirrel. Please let us know. Our email address is 225-978-9038. or my wife's phone is 225-978-9039 We have no children at home and would be able to bond easily with the squirrel. :) Thank you!
  • Amy Gipson - 2014-12-14
    do you still have this flying squirrel?
  • Curtis Malone - 2014-12-19
    I'm looking for a female flying squirrel I rescue the male looking for one around 6 to 8 weeks old if you can help please
  • shane - 2014-12-21
    hello im wanting to get a flying squirell if you still have it i will buy it from you been looking for a long time for one please let me know thank you.
  • Lisa Sagona - 2014-12-26
    We would love to give your squirrel a loving home. Please consider us. We would gladly pay more than your asking price. Lisa 225-620-5722
  • Kirk Selfridge - 2014-12-29
    I am a 50 yr old male looking for a little friend, I am very interested and have enough to purchase one. I am disabled and have been looking for 2 yrs since mine passed away, also I have had nothing but bad luck finding one or 2 please help me out if you can. thanks Kirk
  • Lisa Sagona - 2015-01-05
    Just following up on your sweet little squirrel. If you have him and are still wanting to sell him - I am willing to travel to you and pay more than your asking price. Please let me know.
  • shana - 2015-01-06
    I already HAVE a male, looking for a mate. Female. Do u have one
  • Clarice Brough - 2015-01-11
    You are right that the person who posted this animal for sale has not responded. I've noticed that no one who's contributed to this thread (including the person who posted the for sale) are using the Pet Talk Facebook app option. The app allows people to receive notifications when someone replies to a comment, it also allows people to upload their pictures. The straight commenting system doesn't have those bells and whistles.

    However Terry, you did a great job at posting your contact info!
  • Anonymous - 2015-01-08
    I am interested in pitching a flying squirrel or a sugar glider. You are the only one I have seen close to Texarkana. Do you have pictures of the one you have?
  • Terry Williams - 2015-01-09
    Nobody replies on this board. I tried several times and no responses. The could at least tell you it's sold or something.
Ashee Brunson - 2014-12-15
Hello! I'm looking for a southern flying squirrel. I'm in central texas, willing to drive a ways or shipping. Please let me know!! My e-mail is

Terry Williams - 2014-12-15
We are very interested in purchasing a flying squirrel. We live in Baton Rouge. Please let us know. My email address is and phone #225-978-9038. or my wife's phone is 225-978-9039 We have no children at home and would be able to bond easily with the squirrel. :) Thank you! P.S. noelmancias or Anonymous if you if you still have one please call us!

Amber - 2014-12-15
Im looking for a SFS

Terry S. Williams - 2014-12-01
I would like to buy a baby flying squirrel. If you have any please contact Thank You.

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  • Anonymous - 2014-12-14
    i have one and I'm selling it.
Ali - 2014-12-09
Looking for a baby southern flying squirrel, male or female! Located in Columbus, oh I would prefer to pick up but will pay to ship if I must. Thanks

Victoria - 2013-04-14
Hello, I found a baby flying squirrel at my fiance's parent's house yesterday. My fiance's mother informed me that the dog and cats had messed with it and he even got bitten on the leg. My fiance's dad also accidentally sucked him into the vacuum cleaner. The poor little guy was really scared and so he bit me which is understandable. I got a little fish aquarium to keep him in for the time being and I purchased food for a hamster which has nuts, corn, and dried fruits in it. I am not really sure what he needs to drink. He is about six weeks old. I have a very big cage that my old monkey lived in for him to live in. I don't want him to die. He has been through a lot already so I want to make sure that I am doing things correctly. Any tips??

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-04-14
    I would be concerned about broken bones or internal injuries, but it sounds like he may be okay as you didn't say if he's having any trouble getting around or acting funny. The comments from re-habbers and other folks above have some great info on what they drink and other baby foods! Good luck
  • wook - 2013-06-02
    go to and go to the forum and ask for tips.
  • Anonymous - 2014-09-25
    My sister and I raised 10 squirrels. We went to the vet and they gave us a bunch of of free syringes with little nipple attachments. We tried the small bottles from WalMart and (trust me on this one) did not work. We used WalMart kitten formula. Heat it luke warm. For the first times you have to carefully hold their tiny heads. Make SURE your thumb is barely pushing because they can kinda suck it out on there own. The nipple will look very long and hard but trust me it's fine this. Has worked on my 10 babies and on all of my cousin's squirrels. Once or twice and I promise they got the hang of it. 😉