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   These intriguing little squirrels have a large fold of furred skin stretching from their forefeet to their hind feet which they spread out like a parachute and glide from tree branch to tree branch, thus their name "flying squirrel"!
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ken nightingale - 2020-05-24
my grand daughter found a baby flying squirrel in her bedroom window
thought maybe the cat brought it in but the first thing everyone said call papa I have raised many wild animals and birds and they are all special but this one is something very special I had to raise him on a bottle for a week or so before he started eating and now he looks for me to come play with him every night and bring hem fresh food I am learning a lot but still look for help on the internet

Beth - 2020-05-10
Do you have any flying squirrels available???

Curtis Pugh - 2019-06-01
Do you have a baby male flying squirrel at this time?

Patricia Corbisiero - 2019-01-30
Want to buy two young flying squirrels had two I found and raised till about 12 weeks and someone took them. Imiss them a lot they were great companions and so much fun

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  • Jen - 2020-05-31
    I have baby flying southern squirrels near Pennsylvania New Jersey area if you’re still interested
KEITH KIM - 2018-07-26
Hello, Jeff. I am looking for 10 female and 10 male flying squirrels to be shipped to South Korea. Please send me a quote including shipping. Thanks.

Andrew Jessen - 2019-08-01
We would love to have some pet squirrels we have a very large backyard and a loving family

Tiffany Young - 2019-11-25
We are looking for a new baby to join our family. Any one in the Palm Beach County Florida area or can ship.

Jay, Jung - 2019-11-01
I currently live in New York City New York. I’m looking for a flying squirrel. Thank you

rita paton - 2015-06-14
I'm looking for a female southern flying squirrel. I have 3 adults, 2 male, 1 female. I have 10+ year experience with them. I live in Inverness florida and will be willing to travel.

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  • janet wright - 2015-07-24
    Contact me st 813 3914092 I have a female that I am looking for her a good home
  • Valerie - 2015-08-17
    I have a female, is this for breeding purposes.
  • LouAnne - 2015-12-03
    I have 3 young flyers, 2 female and a male. I am looking to trade the male for another male. I love my babies but don't want to chance inbreeding.
  • Anonymous - 2016-10-31
    Question? You have 10 years experience Ann's I'm a beginner.i have a rescued grey squirrel.. my fiance and I found on a walk one night when he was only about 2 weeks ok eyes and ears still closed. He is now roughly 4 months old. He had airways been my baby and one day attacked me after I got home and let him out he actually few blood. I'm used to the razor sharp claws and play fighting but he's never done this. He has Becker ever done this. I've fine all my research and gotte his diet right and yes i know your not suppose to keep them as pets but he isn't supposed to be released until 18 weeks And that's the dead of winter where I live in December... But he's not ready yet. Do you have any answer to why this could have happened.
  • Kimberly Mitchell - 2017-10-16
    If you have any flyers, I'm looking for both males and females. 615-519-3383
  • Chris - 2019-12-15
    I have southern flying squrrils they were just winged from momma they are hand tame I live in lake pannasoffkie sumter county bout 13 miles from inverness I would like to get 200 a piece but will come down if u get in the next 24 hours 300 let me know ty
Anonymous - 2019-11-21
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