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   The Gray Squirrel is perhaps the most familiar of all squirrels!
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David - 2017-12-18
I'm in Beaver Falls PA, 40 mins north of Pittsburgh. Looking to adopt/buy a pet squirrel.. have been looking into them. Not sure where to start. 7244175032 texts are ok..

Kristie - 2017-12-18
Hello I’m very new to this site , however I’ve been looking to adopt an Eastern Grey baby for almost a year now. I’m currently living in NH and would be willing to travel. Could someone please email me or text and point me in the right direction? Lately I’ve started to care for a little pack of about 10 that live in the cemetery by my home and simply fell head over heels with their silly antics and decided to try and find one to adopt and take home... any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks ! Kristie T 603.833.7235

Chloe Whitesell - 2017-12-13
Hi! I am Chloe and am looking for a squirrel. A grey one. And I would love to buy yours and would treat it well. Thanks!

Dave Scardina - 2017-12-02
Hi David. I am in Va and would love another squirrel. I found a baby in August 2016 that was about 4 weeks old. I bottle fed him and raised him to love me and my family. In January 2017, when I went to wake him up in the morning, he had a bloody nose and had passed away. His name was Max, and I would love another. Please call 703-928-9900 or email

Mike Halvorson - 2017-10-28
My wife and I just moved and decided it was best to leave our little Douglas squirrel in the forest as he knew it so well. We are very sad and miss him so much. Is there possibly someone out there that has a baby squirrel that we could adopt? If you do can you please email us at ? Thanks so much.

Yaz - 2017-10-18
Hello in aug I rescued 3 baby grey eastern squirrels from the streets 2 pass away from MBD and the other recently pass away from running around the house and crashing into a cabinet causing massive nose bleed and hard from breathing. I have experience taking care of baby squirrels at age 3weeks old. Me and the squirrels bonded and not having one here with me sucks especially saving their lives before the tropical storm that hit us. Please if you have any baby squirrels available let me know. I’m located in nyc.

Toni Scudero - 2017-10-14
Looking for a baby gray squirrel that can be shipped to Alaska please call 907-821-8211

Amy - 2017-10-12
My husband and I are looking for a baby (or 2) grey or black squirrel(s) to bring into our family. We have had a couple very small squirrels that we rescued however they did not survive due to injuries they endured before we got them. We absolutely love their personalities and would spoil them rotten. We have been looking everywhere for one! We are in Indiana but we are willing to travel to pick one up!

Frances Clift - 2017-09-28
I raised 3 baby squirrels, given to me. their eyes were not opened and I raised them to be big healthy squirrels. I feel like their mama. I let them go because they wanted to get out of the cage. I have regretted doing that and I miss them so much. I am looking for some babies to raise. I love them so much and their is a void in my heart since I let them go. Please help me someone find me some babies to love. a

Daniel Dal Pozzo - 2017-01-08
Looking for a young squirrel. Email me with info & cost.

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  • Shirley stallings - 2017-05-18
    I have a 1yr male squirrel for free he needs someone who can take the time he needs! I have been having to care for my 2yr grandson! And cashew needs time to play if you are the one for him call me 171786322
  • Jennipher Collins - 2017-05-20
    Where are you located?
  • Tracy Washington - 2017-09-24
    Im also looking for a baby Grey squirrel. Please email me asap
  • Season Bennett - 2017-09-25
    Anyone have any squirrels they are selling. I am looking to find one that I can spoil. I got my captive wildlife license and I am an animal rehabber. You can get a hold of me at 9208581995