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   The Gray Squirrel is perhaps the most familiar of all squirrels!
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ClutchsFamily - 2018-04-20
Looking for a baby squirrel. Looking for ours a forever friend. Please leave contact information below or text me at 1-769-204-2151

Mike - 2018-04-05
Two eastern grey squirrels, m&f, rescues, 4.5 weeks, thriving, available for adoption in west TN. No shipping. Eyes closed, flea free, healthy and happy. Have no intentions of keeping them as pets, only long enough to adopt out. Pickup is local only, no exceptions.

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  • Chris Tull - 2018-04-06
    Still available ?? Chris Tull 731 610-5572 Selmer tn
  • Anonymous - 2018-04-15
    Hello. Are the babies still available? I’ve raised bottle fed Eastern Grays and had one live with me for four years. I have a veterinarian who treats them and regular check ups. Interested in adopting the female but will keep them together if preferred.
  • Dennis - 2018-04-16
    I’m very interested in adopting one of these babies if available. Ours passed last year and it is time for another baby. Please let me know if you still have them.
  • Dennis - 2018-04-16
    I’m in Memphis and have been looking to get another squirrel. Ours passed last year and I think I’m ready to adopt again.
  • Dennis - 2018-04-17
    i forgot to leave my number. 901-481-2079.
  • Lada Aycock - 2018-04-18
    I live in Parsons,would you please consider me,i have experience,a huge cage,freedom to spend all my time with it,and I know completely the amount of work and diet involved. My number is 731-549-0644 thank you. Please text me.
  • Landon - 2018-05-30
    304 250 5436 really need a friend again.. my best friend oast away a few days ago an I know it won't be the same but I want to try with another guy squirrel please I f any one has one pleas let call or text me
  • Rietta - 2018-06-06
    Mike we are in South Western, Ky.
    Tenn is just a drive away. If you are still looking to place your pups in a loving and active exotic home.

    We would love to hand raise a pup. I just recently hand fed a wild tree squirrel at the Parthenon in Nashville. I sat for quite a while waiting on one brave squirrel.

    A female came and took food directly from my hand. Put her teeth on me but didnt bite. It was amazing. Im a retired veteran and am usually at home working with my pets on training. If you still have a baby and want or still need a great home... we are waiting your response. 2704846307
Sanchez - 2018-04-11
i have babies squirrels for sale both male and female available to drive for pickup in CA and i also do shipping and delivery for Persons far from California text me on(909) 589-1328

Darcy - 2018-04-01
Looking to adopt/rehab grey babies. My squirrel passed unexpectedly yesterday and I am heart broken and lost. We were extremely bonded. He was my little son. Vet-tech/b.s. animal science. Located in East TN. 😢

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  • Mike - 2018-04-05
    I rescued 3 infants nearly a week ago due to a felled tree in neighbors yard. We lost one but the other two are thriving and growing. Feeding every 2 1/2 hours esbilac, being bathed regularly, flea free, eyes closed, about 4.5 weeks old. You have my mail addy. I’d part with one or both. I don’t mind he feeding schedule but I’ll be starting a new job soon and the kids and Wife aren’t so good with it, the work schedule will indeed make an impact on squirrel or family in some form. In West TN
  • Bobby - 2018-04-07
    I have one also im looking for one more so we have a pair
Smelvis - 2018-02-06
Looking for a baby grey squirrel! Located in Wisconsin. Please let me know if you have one for sale or that needs rehab as I’m a Vet Tech. Thank you! email:

Thomas Heck - 2018-02-05
I’m looking for a baby grey squirrel for my granddaughter she had one and it died and she crying for another one

Brenda wooten - 2018-01-28
We have a male grey squirrel and we are looking for a female grey squirrel we found him when he was a baby and raised him

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  • Maritza - 2018-02-05
    Hi Brenda, I have a male squirrel that I raised sice he was 4 weeks old. He's super sweet. I am the only one that can handle him, he bites everyone else until today when he bit me. I've been told that male squirrels need to be neutered or they get mean. Have you had this experience?
Dommonique - 2018-01-26
I am looking to purchase a pet squirrel, I live in Monterey CA but I’m willing to drive.. please let me if you know of any available... thank you

Laurie A. Wallace - 2018-01-14
Hi David, My name is Laurie..I am very interested in Rocky or another grey squirrel..I have experience with a lot of wildlife, as my Grandfather worked for Pa. Game Commission..4 yrs. ago my little man, named Stewart died,,I had him 15 Yrs..From a baby to adulthood. I am looking for another grey squirrel, because my heart and life is empty without Stewart..He was my life.And any addition to my life would be open to a lifetime full of my undivided attention and all the love I have to offer. Please accept my application..I can drive to Va. if needed.. I will wait to hear from you, David..Thankyou for your time and consideration. Sincerely Laurie Wallace

david - 2015-10-20
Available 6 week old male grey, $200 still being bottle fed so perfect time for bonding. Last one until next year, please know how to care for him before contacting us, he will not go to just any home. Thank you location eastern VA shipping unavailable, will be in Orlando area Nov 5, 6, 7th

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  • tricia sauget - 2015-10-26
    hi I've been looking for a grey for years do you ship because i live in the st. louis mo and i have a son who has been looking for one around the neighborhood for about 4 years so i think this would be good for him we will take any male or female thank you hope to hear from you soon
  • - 2015-10-26
    I live in Florida and would be willing to make you more to hold a male for me until you come down.
  • david - 2015-10-26
    Just curious how anyone of you interested folks plan to pick up a baby because they will not be shipped, they eat every 4 hrs and cannot maintain their own body temperature well yet, so no shipping available sorry. Beside Being close to South east VA or Orlando Fl
  • Jarrod - 2015-10-20
    I am interested and live near Orlando. Please let me know what I need to do.
  • Jarrod - 2015-10-20
    Sorry... Phone is 7277410852
  • tricia - 2015-10-26
    hi we are looking for either a male or female if any are available hope to hear from you soon thank you
  • Joe - 2015-10-28
    Hi David , I already have a male grey squirrel and would like to purchase a female grey squirrel
  • Michael. Grant - 2015-10-25
    David,been raising wild animals for 30 years. Have some really good pictures. Please respond either way. Thanks. Mike
  • david - 2015-10-26
    Well good news is the first adopter who wanted a pair fell thru so all 3 babies are still available at this time
  • david - 2015-10-26
    The adopter for a pair that was lined up has fallen thru so all 3 babies are available! Hand raised parents on premises and both extremely friendly, so babies should take after parents, always been around humans, have never met another squirrel or wildlife!
  • - 2015-10-26
    Hello, my wife's squirrel just past away after 8 years:( I'm trying to find her a baby and was wondering if you had a male left. 985 788 4995
  • Carmen Kopas - 2015-10-29
    Dear David,

    My husband and I recently rescued a baby squirrel about 4-5 weeks old. Raised it to 11 weeks old but it got ill & scared us so we had to take to a rehabilitation rescue and they wont give him back because of their license. We enjoyed him so much and loved him like a part of family. I live in Maryland and would be willing to come to Va. to purchase him and give him a loving home. Would you be interested to talk with us? my email is cell 240-876-3808
  • Carmen Kopas - 2015-10-29
    David - My husband and I recently found a baby grey squirrel and raised it from 4-5 weeks old to 11-12 weeks old. He was a part of our family. He became ill and we were uncertain what to do so we had to take him to a rescue so he would be cared for. They will not give him back due to their license. Would you please consider us for the little guy as a loving home for him. 2nd time I have replied -wasnt sure if 1st time went thru or not.
  • Dani - 2015-11-05
    HI I riced the squirrel before and I would like to have that one so please contact me at 786 380 6439 .thanks
  • Christina - 2016-01-06
    If available..please email me. My pet Squirrel Nugget passed 2 years ago and Im still heart broken. Youtube: my pet squirrel nugget
  • jodie - 2016-01-16
    Looking for male baby 4weeks prior to eyes opening for bonding. My angel 9 yrs just ppassed away
  • Melissa - 2016-01-19
    Please message me if you have any available or will have any. Thanks so much
  • Melanie - 2016-02-02
  • Niki b - 2016-07-11
    I would love to have all of them if that is possible but definitely one. 8563002819
    I have experience raising and caring for squirrels have done hours of research to make sure we give them everything they need. I hope to hear from you
  • Amy Kormish - 2016-09-26
    Hello can you please contact me about a Lil one! I'm located in East Tn. Will totally come to you 8652032128
  • Amy Kormish - 2016-09-26
    Hello can you please contact me about a Lil one! I'm located in East Tn. Will totally come to you 8652032128
  • Nikki - 2016-10-06
    David are any of the babies still available? 612-759-3282
  • Rhyan Bailey - 2016-11-07
    Hi David! I am ready to adopt immediately if this baby is still available. We have experience with Greys.
    Thank you!
  • Wendy - 2017-09-13
    I was wondering if you had any baby gray squirrels for sale?
  • Mary-Ellan - 2017-09-22
    David, was wondering if you had or would have any baby grays available in the near future. It’s probably a long shot considering this post is 2 years old. I’m located on the eastern shore of MD and desperately looking.
  • KATIE DICKSON - 2017-09-26
    Please let me know if you have any Greys available. My squirrel just passed away yesterday. Contact me at 843-834-7893. Thank you in advance!
  • Christina Long - 2017-12-25
    I am in desperate need of finding a baby eastern grey. I rescued my baby doodle after a huge rain storm washed him out of the best onto the sidewalk 35 feet below. He was bottle fed until weaned, although he had a cage (4ft tall, 2 ft wide, 1 1/2 ft deep) I moved into the living room bc he didn't like to sleep alone so we shared the couch. He was my entire world, was well socialized, loved my dog (tiny shih-chon) and my girls. He was the world's most spoiled Doodle-Bug and he loved it, he slept with me, he cuddled with me, he gave me kisses, he spent less than 2 hours a week in his cage ONLY if I absolutely had to leave the house and there was no one else home, that baby was my whole day and my whole night, if he sneezed he went to the vet just like my kids, I loved him with my whole heart and he died in my arms tonight (Christmas Eve) and I am devastated to the point that I can't bring myself to let him go at this moment. I am willing to drive to you and show you pictures of my spoiled baby boy if you can provide a baby. I got him at 4 weeks and would like t9 buy one around the same age as it was a really strong bonding time between 4 and 8 weeks for him and I. I know he won't replace my doodle but I have so much love to give him, and I need a cuddle bug again before my broken heart kills me. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me. (443) 939-5429
  • Dave Scardina - 2017-12-02
    Hi David. I am in Va and would love another squirrel. I found a baby in August 2016 that was about 4 weeks old. I bottle fed him and raised him to love me and my family. In January 2017, when I went to wake him up in the morning, he had a bloody nose and had passed away.

    His name was Max, and I would love another. Please call 703-928-9900 or email