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   The Gray Squirrel is perhaps the most familiar of all squirrels!
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crystal heuer - 2015-10-11
Looking to purchase young gray squirrel. Please contact if you have any available.
Thanks in advance!

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  • david - 2015-10-20
mark - 2015-08-24
I have a male gray squirrel that is just becoming mature and would like to find him a mate. He has been hand raised by me and is very loving to me but not so much to others.

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  • Randy - 2015-09-28
    I have a female squirrel that I rescued about six weeks ago, who appears to be same age. Do you live in Southern Calif ?
  • Kristen pressey - 2015-10-03
    If u do have babies. ..I would love one for (snuggles) a squirrel I found. ..He is so perfect..but would like a play mate for him....Please let me know by email or phone.. (508) 667-2533
Robin - 2015-05-08
I want to purchase one please. Phone 513-487-0712. Please call or text or email

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  • Brett. - 2015-05-31
    Hello. My name is BRETT and I just saved six baby squirrels that were still young enough they couldn't get outta the small divot they were nesting in. I need to sell them as soon as possible. 2067193103.
  • melanie - 2015-07-24
    Would love to buy one. 561-735-4878
  • Chandler - 2015-08-06
    I would love to purchase one of your squirrels! Please contact me so we can discuss further 775-750-9356
  • Ashley - 2015-09-18
    I have a male eastern grey squirrel that I am trying to find a good home for. If anyone reads this and may be interested in discussing this please text me at 412-607-4235.
Shinia - 2015-05-16
I have a baby squirrel and we recently had a kitten as well, they would play together all the time. We just had to get rid of the kitten because of allergies and our little squirrel is lonely. We are very interested in getting another baby squirrel. Please contact me via email. :)

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  • Ashley - 2015-09-18
    Hello. My name is Ashley and I just stumbled across your ad looking for a pet squirrel. I currently have an eastern grey tree squirrel whom I rescued and raised since birth. He is now 4 months old. We tried to release him into the wild but he kept returning wanting to be inside with us. We do not have the space right now because we have 4 children under 7 and just do not have the means to provide a proper space for this awesome little guy. We may be able to help you if you're wiling to provide what our baby needs to be healthy and happy. Please call or text me at 412-607-4235 if interested. Thank you.
Jeannine - 2015-07-09
Would love to purchase a baby grey squirrel, please call at 706/330-4039. Thank you, my name is Jeannine.

Jeff - 2015-05-05
I'm looking to buy a baby Fox Squirrel or Grey Squirrel. If you have one available, please let me know by email. Thanks

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  • Mitsy - 2015-05-25
    Dear Jeff - I have (2) baby grey squirrels ready to go now. They are $400 each. Are you still interested?
  • Bilwy - 2015-06-04
    i have one
  • Alexandra - 2015-06-16
    Are they still available? Where are you located?
Brandi - 2015-06-08
I would like to find a grey squirrel that is either hand raised or small enough I can hand raise her. Please contact me Thank you

heather - 2015-05-29
I would love to mother another baby squirrel where r u located could u email me and send pics please

Eduardo - 2015-05-21
Hello, i live in Florida and I'd like to know if is legal to have gray squirrel, 'cause a really wanna buy one.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-05-22
    First check with the Fish and Game Department to find out if there are any restrictions for the state. If they say it's cool, then be sure to check with your local authorities - city and county - to make sure they don't have any restrictions.
Heather Arnold Scott - 2012-05-13
My husband request 2 baby gray squirrels about 2 months ago. Both are healthly & doing GREAT! Today I was getting ready to take them out of their cage & the smallest one started growling and throwing up her two front legs as in she was going to attack me. This is very unusual for either of them. I know they become territorial at one time over there food & so on but now she won't let me hold her. Any ideal as of why? Please get back to me when you can. Thanks

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  • Robin - 2015-05-08
    May I ask where you got your squirrels,I am desperate to have a baby squirrel. Thanks