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   The Gray Squirrel is perhaps the most familiar of all squirrels!
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Courtney - 2016-09-02
Looking for a baby grey or red squirrel located in ohio

cara - 2007-09-14
We found Samantha and her sister and brother in a fallen tree at about 3 weeks old. No mother in sight. They were squacking and calling for her. Their eyes weren't open yet so we rescued them. My husband and I had to drive an hour away to Walmart for formula (puppy formula according to sources on the internet) and Pedialyte to rehydrate them. We kept them warm in a fish tank with a heating pad and fed them with a syringe every 3 hours. The other boy and girl didn't make it but Sammy is now about 7 weeks old and full of mischief. We feed her every 4 hours now and she loves to teethe on brocolli and carrots, cheerios and dog food (again, according to what we found on the internet). Her weight is up to over 5 ounces now from 2 when we found her.
She is so cute! She loves to cuddle and have her tummy rubbed. She also loves to play with her whiffle ball and little chew ball with the bell in it. Our plan is to release her at about 14 weeks. But, part of me doesn't want her to go! No one else either, my girls love her and even grandma is getting attached. I don't think its legal here in Florida. We keep telling everyone we are just rehabbing so no one will turn us in.

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  • Kimberly Snockey - 2015-11-08
    Dog food ? You know they are vegan right?! Omg!!!
  • Barbara - 2016-08-13
    Squirrels are not vegan. They will eat baby birds, eggs or any bugs and dead animals that they come upon (in the winter). But, you should still never never feed your baby or any food.
    And you should check with your county, info online, to see if it is legal to keep your baby for a while. I have a year old squirrel that is none releasable because of an injury and I know it's allowable by county. I live in FL and keep my storm babies for 6 to 8 months.They're much more able to take care of themselves at that age.
    The last 6 weeks has to be isolation only for any squirrels before release. Food and water only will make the wild instincts kick in. No scratches or talking to them. I put a cage on the far corner of my screened in porch.That will make your squirrels ready to be wild and free to make more squirrel babies! REMEMBER A SQUIRREL KEPT IN CAPTIVITY CAN LIVE 20+ YEARS!
    That's a long time for a two year old that never grows up!
Jessica - 2016-08-07
I'm interested in purchasing a baby squirrel. I'm located in Raleigh NC. Please feel free to reach me anytime at 919-618-2867. Thanks!!

Walter Jowers - 2016-07-26
Hopin this fall might be a good time to adopt a baby squirrel. Walt

Matthew chaney - 2016-07-11
I'm looking for a male baby grey. I have a 6 month old female grey. I'm looking for a friend for her. She has her own room and multiple things to play on. She is very welled tempered and loves to cuddle. I'm looking for a baby so I may have him as tame as her. I'm willing to drive any distance as shipping them through air travel is not the best option. Also willing to pay up to 400$ to show my investment as a pet. My other visits the vet often for checkups. I've done my research and have the room for another. Feel free to call or text. 901 237 1569 or email

Noah - 2016-07-04
Can we have it shipped or pick up because o can only do shipping

charles huff - 2016-06-28
looking to buy a baby red, grey, or fox squrriel. willing to travel. rescued a baby when i was younger. would love to have another one ..please call or txt 8657059340

Belinda Wendy Hopkins - 2016-03-15
Baby grey for sale. Eyes not open yet. Alabama. 256-652-9088 Belinda

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  • Annette Lewis - 2016-03-23
    Where are you located in AL(I'm in Dothan)? Gender? Cost?
  • Anonymous - 2016-04-04
    Anyone with any baby squirrels for sale? I have been searching for months and can't find one anywhere. If anyone out there has any available please contact me at
  • jc - 2016-04-20
    I want a baby squirrel but live in Nebraska and would not be able to travel but would pay to have the baby sent to me
  • Kishla payne - 2016-05-04
    Belinda do you still have the baby grey
  • charles huff - 2016-06-28
    hi, im very interested in your baby you maybe still have one left ? i have cash and am very willing to drive to pick it up. please give me a call or txt or email. 8657059340
Keith Lawless - 2016-05-31
Looking to transplant some Grey squirrels to my neighborhood

John stigall - 2014-11-28
Looking for a baby squirrel can be red or grey or fox squirrel

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  • Belinda Wendy Hopkins - 2016-03-15
    What state are you in?
  • Tammy Danner - 2016-04-22
    Hello, we are looking to buy a female grey squirrel. We have a male that was rescued from a cat and he is now about 2 years old. He has been bottled fed and is too tame to release back into the wild. My Mom rescued him in Florida, but now lives in Colorado. We are looking for a companion for him. Please contact me and let us know if you will have one anytime this year available. Email address,

    Thank you for your time, Tammy
  • amelina siekluska - 2016-05-20
    Looking to buy baby grey, pls contact me