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   The Gray Squirrel is perhaps the most familiar of all squirrels!
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Belinda Wendy Hopkins - 2016-03-15
Are you still wanting one? What state are you in?

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  • Matt chaney - 2016-04-28
    Hey Belinda if you anyone or still have any baby Grey's available if like to look into getting a baby male. I've got a female grey and I'm looking for a partner for her. Contact me at or call 9012371569. Also anyone else that may see this. I'll pay very well for a baby male grey squirrel. Thanks Matt.
  • Amy - 2016-07-31
    I have had earl which is my male squirrel for almost 3 yrs he fell out of a tree didn't even have his eyes open and me and my boys bottle fed him and now like I said he is 3 and needs a girlfriend if u can help please email me I live in Seminole texas
  • Robert M - 2016-08-06
    I have some grey squirrels their babies how many would you like
  • Matthew Grooms - 2016-08-09
    I am very interested in one. I just released a pair back into the wild that I raised from 2 weeks old. I miss them so much. So, I just want 1 this time that I can keep inside forever. Please let me know. 504-662-6328
  • Jose - 2016-09-14
    yes i want one I live in new york i on 8-29-16 i found a baby squirrel i didn't saw his nest or his mom so i took him in and was carrying for him until 9-12-16 when he passed away those two weeks i had him i fell in love with him and now there's a emptiness in my heart if u have a baby squirrel boy or girl pls email me at or u could txt me at 347-277-0678
  • Jessica - 2016-09-16
    I am very interested in one, where are you located?
  • Amy Kormish - 2016-09-26
    I am looking for one! I'm located in East Tn
  • Holly Hedlund - 2016-09-30
    I am interested in a baby gray squirrel - we rescued Earl and Pearl two babies fallen from nests about 3 years ago and reluctantly gave them up to a wildlife rehabilitator - we kick ourselves every day :(
    We have 2 acres and adjacent to conservation land - nice home with rescue horse, rescue dog, rescue guinea pig and rescue turtle. Holly in Lincoln MA - 773.255.6104 (cell/text)
Jessica Mazzell - 2016-09-25
Hi. I'm looking to buy a squirrel. Please contact me at 910-616-4303

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  • Hector - 2016-09-26
    I have two eastern grey squirrels for sale. Email me @ or text me 727-819-4371
Carl gray - 2016-09-22
Looking to buy a squirrel..mine just passed..please text 7577103032

Penny - 2016-09-21
We are looking for a baby squirrel. I have owned and loved 2 in the past so I know of the care and loving they need. Please email me at :

Jennet - 2016-07-28
Hello. I'd like to buy a gray squirrel. How much would it cost and how old?

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  • Robert M - 2016-08-06
    Where are you located I have a baby male that's 5 weeks old
  • Steph - 2016-08-25
    I am interested Robert. My name is Stephanie and my number is 816997240. I am willing to travel or pay extra for shipping costs.
  • Hessica - 2016-09-16
    Is your bs y still available Robert? Where are you located?
John - 2016-09-16
I would love to have a baby squirrel!

Jose - 2016-09-14
Robert M i really wanna buy a baby squirrel from either a boy or girl where are you located and for how much you selling them pls feel free to contact me at 347-277-0678 or you could email at

Blake Langston - 2016-09-12
I would like to buy a squirrl

Jeremy - 2016-09-12
Looking for a baby squirrel. Red or Grey. I have previous experience and all equipment needed. In Cincinnati but willing to travel. Text (859)-620-3966. Thanks!

Shannon Peterson - 2016-09-08
I'm looking for a gray squirrel to add to our family. I live in Utah but would be more than willing to travel!