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   The Gray Squirrel is perhaps the most familiar of all squirrels!
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Carmen - 2016-11-12
Hi, my name is Carmen and I'm looking for a squirrel. I live is South Africa and would love to buy a squirrel

Rhyan - 2016-11-07
Hi all! Looking for a baby gray squirrel to adopt and love. Please let me know if you have any. I know it's a bit late in the season, I'm just giving it a shot.

Nick Cedillo - 2016-10-30
Would you please contact me about your squirrels at 940-452-6401

Thien ngo - 2016-10-19
II'm looking for a baby squirrel, please message me if you can , I'm in oakland , california , thank you

Mike - 2016-10-16
Looking for baby squirrel (no older than 7 weeks) to rehabilitate. Will donate 100 $ if needed. Orlando area. Can text at 239 745 0014

Shannon P - 2016-10-15
I am looking for a female baby squirrel to give a forever home to. I live in Utah but will travel anywhere necessary. Please contact me if you have any available! 801-792-5272

KELLEY KEE - 2016-10-10
I am interested in a baby squirrel. We are very familiar with the upbringing they require. Our baby just passed and we are very heart broken. I am willing to travel to get the baby. Please notify me if anyone has any available.thank for for everyones time.

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  • Sara - 2016-10-14
    Are you in FL? If so, what area? I have two squirrels available, they are 9 weeks and fully weaned. I'm not very familiar with this website so I'm not sure if you will be able to see my email and be able to reply to me.
Matthew chaney - 2016-09-17
Two male baby Grey's. They are brothers. Have had since 3 days old. Both are hand fed And played with daily. Now Chip and Dale are 8 weeks old. Text for more info. 9012371569

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  • Jessica D Mazzell - 2016-09-25
    Hi. Where are you located? Do you still have the squirrels?
  • Nikki - 2016-10-06
    Do you still have the squirrels? 612-759-3282
  • KELLEY KEE - 2016-10-10
    Very interested in talking with you about the squirrels if still available. Would like to know where you are located. Please contact me if still available. Thanks
Morgan & Bo - 2016-10-10
We are looking for a baby eastern gray squirrel. We are pervious owners and are aware of the care and loving devotion they need. Please call or text at 770-843-6296 or 678-347-6602 We're located North of Atlanta, Georgia and willing to travel or pay for overnight shipping cost.

Anonymous - 2016-10-06
i am looking for grey or fox squirrel call john 205 401-2111