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   The Gray Squirrel is perhaps the most familiar of all squirrels!
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MELVIN - 2017-04-04
In the Maine, NH, Mass. area. I am looking for a newborn male gray squirrel. Life without a gray tree rat in the house is horrible. I am willing to pay a fee for a baby. I have fed many newborns. Thank you.

Steve - 2017-03-31
Just wanted to post my little story about rescuing 2 baby grey squirrels they are about 9 month's old now and have become adapted to the house life fairly well. I have built a extra large cage with 2 wooden squirrel boxes attached to the side. I let them run through the house a couple hour's a day to get the piss and vinegar out of there systems and for the most part they are a very loving and friendly animal except for the accidental bites every now and then. I must add that we are actually there pet's unless they want to be loved on they are busy trying to get into anything they can but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. All and all they are a very smart and friendly animal that is a lot smarter than most people I know. 😁😁😁❤️❤️

Karen - 2017-03-16
Looking to adopt a grey or fox squirrel. Can be a baby or One that cannot be released to the wild. I am experienced with wildlife as I have been a volunteer For wildlife center. Please email with your location of the squirrel Thank you

Cassidy - 2017-02-05
I am a vet tech and recently lost my pet squirrel. I am looking to adopt a new grey squirrel. I have hand raised new borns before or an adult would also be loved. Please contact me if you are homing a grey squirrel. Thanks.

Etta - 2016-01-25
Have rescued and raised many animals during my life. I now have a full grown male that is almost 4 years old.I special-order nuts for him so that he has a good variety and he gets lots of veggies, wasp nests(loves the worms) in them,and fruit. He has been one of the best pets ever! I provide green pinecones, new shoots from some trees, grass roots, he loves baby spinach leaves.I have provided him deer antlers, animal bones, and a cuttle bone, and I offer him some fat-free half and half. One main thing that I figured out is that he recognizes us by our scent and bit us only when we used different perfumes or aftersave. It only took 2 bites each and of course he can be very protective of his foods. We have had so many laughs with him and the cat playing with each other as they sort of grew up together as tolerant of each other.

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  • Rick - 2017-02-03
    It's funny you said that about being bitten when you switch aftershave I have the same problem with my 4 year old female eastern gray !! (Squirt) she doesn't always bite me when I switch colognes but she is definetly offish with me for the first hour or so when I do !! I thought I was just imagining that, told my son about it and he just laughed and said I was nuts ! Lol . Can't wait to show him your post . Thanks for sharing that story,I now feel better !! Rick
Diane - 2016-09-30
I have a baby gray squirrel not sure if boy or girl it has its hair already . I have a dachshund so I can't keep it :( I'm in Georgia and I can't keep as pet cause it's against the law. So with that said... anybody that is interested in rehabilitating this orphan squirrel and can Pick up must bring $100 inconvenience fee as it is illegal to sell wild animals.7623232593 Diane

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  • Lotus - 2016-10-02
    Hello where about are you located i live in florida where its not illegal to own squirrels. you said rehabilitate could you tell me a little about him/her did she fall out of the nest.
  • Nikki - 2016-10-06
    Is he still available? Nikki 612-759-3282
  • Brandy Dominy - 2017-01-15
    I know it's a long shot but I wanted to check and see if you still have the squirrel
Paul Hewson - 2015-04-30
Gray Squirrel babies for sale. 5 weeks old, about to open their eyes. $100

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  • Mykah Johnson - 2015-04-30
    You have just what I have been looking for, just dying to have and until now haven't been able to find. What do I have to do to get with you to get one???!!!
  • Mykah Jayd - 2015-04-30
    Mykah Johnson 2237 Nomad Ave Dayton Ohio 45414 937-369-7696 I want and I have cash.
  • Jeff - 2015-05-05
    Do you have any baby squirrels available? If so, please let me know.
  • Nay - 2015-05-16
    I would like to buy one of your baby Eastern Gray squirrels - a male, if possible. I have had two previously that were rescues, and just love them. Please let me know asap. Thank you.
  • Victoria Umling - 2015-05-19
    Hi Paul! Where are you located? And do you have any baby squirrels for sale still? Thank you!
  • Pat Bostic - 2015-05-20
    Please email me.. I'm in WV..
  • Eduardo - 2015-05-23
    Hey Paul, I wanna one. I live in Florida, please leave an email
  • john - 2015-05-27
    I'm looking to buy please asap,336- 831-7145
  • travis barrette - 2015-05-29
    Hey do u still have any left? Where are you located?
  • Mindy hamby - 2015-05-30
    my name is Mindy hamby I live in north Carolina and I would really like to purchase one of your babies please. I had one named Woodstock that I rescued and hand raised. he passed away yesterday and I'm heartbroken. please contact me asap my number is 336-529-9977. thank u Mindy
  • Ami - 2015-09-20
    I sincerely hope those babies were rescued and not stolen away from their nest and mother in order to make a quick buck! The best thing you can do for them is care for them until they can be released and do a soft release for the ones that can be released and try to find loving forever homes for the ones that can't be. I wish people would think before trying to buy a wild animal as this will only encourage unscrupulous greedy people to orphan more baby wildlife and endanger the lives of those babies as well.
  • Waylon - 2015-09-25
    Do u still have any
  • Amy kara - 2015-10-22
    I am interested as well! Please contact me (803)-603-5480
  • Joe hug - 2015-10-12
    Hi Paul , my name is Joe and I was just wondering if you could contact me this spring at let me know if you have a baby female grey squirrel for sale, she would make a good addition to my " squirrel family " as I already have a single grey male
  • kasey jones - 2015-10-15
    I am interested in a baby squirrel,if so give me a call at 443 823 5961 thank you
  • Soks - 2015-11-17
    Hi, where are you at?
  • Marissa - 2015-11-21
    Hi! Do you have any available? Please let me know!
  • Melissa - 2016-01-19
    Please if you have any or will i am in need of one thanks.
  • Ashton Morris - 2016-03-13
    I'm not sure if you have any baby squirrels or if you plan to have any in the near future, but if you could please get back with me that would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,
  • Belinda Wendy Hopkins - 2016-03-15
    I have one in Alabama. Are you willing to drive to get it? 256-652-9088 Belinda
  • Belinda Wendy Hopkins - 2016-03-15
    I have one in Alabama. Are you willing to drive? 256-652-9088
  • Daniel Baccus - 2016-07-10
    Please fill me in
  • Niki b - 2016-07-11
    I am interested in buying one of your babies. I have been looking everywhere for one for my boyfriend and I . My boyfriend has not been the same since our baby boy passed away. I really hope you still have one cause the only way I'm going to see the light came back into his eyes again. My life was changed for the better the day I became a squirrel mommy. Thanks hope to hear from you soon 8563002819
  • Erica - 2016-07-12
    Hi, do you have any for sale now?
  • Katie - 2016-08-25
    Do you have any males
  • Shannon Peterson - 2016-08-25
    I have been looking for a pet squirrel for years now. I would prefer a female if available. I live in Utah but would be willing to drive. If you have any or know of anyone who has any for sale I would love to get in touch!!
  • Tommy - 2016-08-26
    I'm looking to buy a baby squirrel
  • Kiah Vasquez - 2016-08-30
    Hi, I'm located near new Orleans, Louisiana and I'd love to buy a squirrel. Please email me. Kiahvasquez1
  • Kimberly Highley - 2016-10-07
    Ive always wanted a pet squirrel. Can someone please help me get one. My location Mt. Pleasant MI
  • KELLEY KEE - 2016-10-10
    My baby just passed. I am very interested in one of your squirrels. We are very heart broken at this time. We are in Tennessee. Where are you located. If you still have any available please let me know. Thankd
  • KELLEY KEE - 2016-10-10
    My baby just passed. I am very interested in one of your squirrels. We are very heart broken at this time. We are in Tennessee. Where are you located. If you still have any available please let me know. Thankd
  • Anonymous - 2016-11-21
    Me and my boyfriend are looking for one
Marissa - 2016-11-19
Hello. I've been rescuing squirrels for twenty years. Just lost my long time pet, my first ever rescue. Looking for another that I can bond with again. Please. I have a hole in my heart that he used to fill. Area code is 98579. I can pay shipping, but being the holiday season I cannot afford much. Please email or text 360-388-7567. Thank you.

Dan - 2016-11-04
Looking to buy couple of baby squirrels (eastern gray or red squirrels). Willing to pay shipping and I'm from Portland. Oregon. Please text me 5033816396. Thank you

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  • Hans (The squirrel master) - 2016-11-14
    Yes I am. I have wanted a squirrel for 3 years. Now this is my chanse to get one. all the things a squirrel needs is ready. If you can, sent it to me ASAP
  • Hans ( squirrel master) - 2016-11-14
    yes, and I will pay for shipping

    squirrel=$50 at the best
Hans - 2016-11-14
Hi, I am crazy with squirrels and have wanted one for over 3 years. i have tried for ever to tame one. I have a home all ready made in my house with lots of food. Please, if you are able to, tell me by email