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   The Gray Squirrel is perhaps the most familiar of all squirrels!
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Season Bennett - 2017-09-25
Looking for a Squirrel to spoil and love unconditionally. I am a wildlife animal rehabber and got my captive wildlife license and got two wonderfully sweet pet raccoons that are way too spoiled. If you have any squirrels you can get a hold of my at 9208581995 or by email which is Thank You!

Tracy Washington - 2017-09-24
In search of a baby Grey squirrel. Mine recently passed away. Please contact me ASAP.Thank you.

RosA 🐛🦋 - 2017-09-20
I need a squirrel asap my Nana's squirrel just died and I want to help her greave and get a new one. Please reply on my email .

Bonnie Bolton - 2017-09-11
I was reading some of the posts and I can't believe how many people felt the same way as me about their squirrels. I had a black male squirrel and we were so bonded that i knew exactly what he wanted with his different noises. I had him potty trained and he followed me around the house. I recently lost him and was so depressed, that i couldn't eat or sleep. I cry everyday thinking about him. I would keep my robe on and he would sleep inside or on the back of my neck while i did things around the house. When he would wake up, he would climb up my shirt and give me a kiss (a lick). I am trying to find another one i could bond with (hopefully). If anyone has a 4-5 week old squirrel in or near michigan, please let me know. I don't know if will be possible since they just had their breeding season. I would prefer not to wait until next breeding season, but i will if i have to, to get one that young. Thank you so much.

Lisa - 2017-07-15
I am looking for a squirrel. I have been in search for a squirrel for a long time and I haven't had any luck. The baby will be treated like an angel. I have rescued and raised some in the past and I just fell in love with them! I am located in Texas. Thanks in advance :)

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  • Tammy Watkins - 2017-07-30
    IM in search as well, I just lost my sweet Sully... he was the very best pet I've ever owned. So hard to find. If I find more than 1 I'll let you know.... I miss my little friend so very much, truly the very best pet... mine slept under my pillow.
  • freddie poer - 2017-08-30
    where in Texas are you located? I have three baby fox squirrels that are just about ready to be weaned. We are in central Texas. My email is
Emy Garza - 2017-07-15
I am searching for a squirrel. I have raised some in the past and they recently passed away ;( I am little located in Texas. :)

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  • Emy - 2017-07-15
    **I am located in Texas
  • freddie poer - 2017-08-30
    Where in Texas are you located? I have three baby fox squirrels that are just about ready to wean. Feel free to contact me at
Ambri - 2017-07-31
I have been looking for a pet squirrel for a while now. I have always loved squirrels ad it would mean the world to me if I found a take squirrel, I don't care what breed, in my area for sale.( I live in Sugar City Idaho.)

heather - 2017-07-08
hello i have a 10 week old squirrel i just got a bigger cage for her i just need some advice i bought her a bunch of toys cause i read they love toys well she hardly plays with them she is more interested in what im doing and when she is out of her cage for play time all she wants to do is climb on me any suggestions??

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  • Shirley stallings - 2017-07-27
    Hi I raised a baby squirrel that was 3weeks old and had him until he was 1yr and 4months old! He was very cling to me every time he got out of his cage we would play on the floor together! We would some time go go exploring around the house by his self and all I would have to do is call his name and he would jump on me! So what I'm telling you is that a squirrel for you they are just like that!! They are very loveable and sweet! When I rehomed my cashew it tore out my heart he didn't want to leave me!! Where I live it is legal for to keep him&if I got caught with him he would have been put to sleep! So a man came and got him to rehome him now cashew lives in Ohio now with him! So just love your furbaby and let it love you!! God bless you!!
Kelly Hull - 2017-07-15
I live in Milton Florida and I am wanting a baby grey squirrel to raise as my own, I had one years ago that I raised from a couple weeks old and she passed away awhile back, and I'm ready for another baby, I miss fluffers, she was part of the family, if any one knows of someone that needs or wants to rehome one please text me at 8502088106 it will be very well taken care of, thank you

jackup balmuchu - 2017-07-11
i want squirrel