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   The American Red Squirrel is adorable, a lively little 'chittering" critter!
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Dean Emelo - 2011-08-28
while checking my land and house after the hurricane,just found one on my front yard... a little guy with closed eyes and soaking wet, but has fur...I am trying to do the right things... he will drink deluted puppy formula from an eye dropper... if he makes it how do I release him back to the woods..I am keeping him in a covered fish tank in my laundry room....its a constant 86 degrees in there and he has lots of wood chips and old towels....I feed him as often as he will eat , every few hours but he has to endure me going to work.....any help would be welcome

thans Dean

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  • Maggie - 2011-09-11
    The best thing to do is contact a local rehabber to take care of the squirrel for you.
Cheryl - 2009-05-14
I found a baby red squirrel. The websites I found were extremely helpful! "Simon" is doing great and in 4-5 weeks will hopefully be ready to be released.

jesse g - 2008-05-26
Hi, my name is Jesse. I found a squirrel baby that is hurt. I think it's mildly retarded cuz he only runs in circles. I named him spiral. I have no Knowledge of how to care for it but I fear if I let it back in to the wild it will die. I need help, thank you.

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  • aika - 2010-04-25
    Just buy their food and cage and hays and feed them regularly....! If you wan't your squirrel to have a baby you need to buy another squirrel boy and girl 90 days before they breed....! So thank you I hope it works to you...............!
Arya - 2006-10-21
About 2 months ago my step dad was at a work-site cutting a tree behind a house. After the tree had fallen, he noticed that there were four baby squirrels lying near it. He took lunch and worked for a little while longer, about four hours. He then went back to see if the mother had gotten them, she hadn't. He brought them home, feeling bad. I loked up on the web what they eat and everything i could about them. One died 2 days after we had found it for no apparent reason, We believe it was injured internally from the fall. The second kept having feeding seizures and died a week after we had it. About this time we realized the only female left had a cut under her arm. We paid special attention to her and it was about this time we built a small cage. The boy was doing excellent and so was the female. We had not named them for fear they would die. They opened their eyes and we got hope, they climbed everywhere! One day at a feeding the little boy started choking, my step-dad loved them so much he even tried CPR! We all ended up crying because we later found out he had been chewing on his nest-box in his cage, and it could have been prevented. It ended up being only female that lived, the one with the cut, the one worse off than them all. She lived and we now call her Daisy. She has run of the house during the day and is getting large! She is friendly except for people she has never seen before. She is almost just like a dog! One day while free running the house she found a mini-oreo my little sister had dropped and started eating it! We tried to get it away from her, but couldn't! Squirrels are VERY FAST when they want to be! We know they will eat nearly anything, especially if it is sweet. We stick to a diet of fruit and nuts and still the Ebsilac milk that she originally ate. She now lives in a 'condo' that takes up a large part of our house and loves it. One person found a squirrel down the street that is male and we want to breed her, unless we let her go by then. She has given us much love and laughs and i hope i never have to see her go! We dont regret orphaning them one bit, and hope we can orphan more! We actually thought she was a gray squirrel at first, but after looking at the pictures, gray squirrels are more black and we realised she was a red squirrel! She answers to her name, and stops doing anything when we say 'no!'. Squirrels are genius!

Bianca - 2005-11-26
I found my gray squirrel a year and 2 months ago. i was on my way home from school and i saw i dead squirrel laying in the road. well, me being Buddhist, I went over to the deceased squirrel to take it off of the road and bury it. But as i approached it, I saw that there was a little brown ball of fur next to it. When i picked it up, i saw that it was a baby squirrel. It was huddling up near its deceased mother in order to keep warm. So, i took the mother and the baby off of the road and buried the mother and took the little baby home with me. When i got home i called the nearest vet and told them what has happened and i asked them how to take care of it, and you will never guess what they told me to do, they told me to bring it in so that they could youthanize it. I was appauled by what the woman said, so i said, "Just because it is orphaned, and is a baby, you want to kill it?! I thought that you were supposed to help animals!" That was the end of that vet...anyway,i bought baby formula and fed it through a baby bunny bottle, and now ive had her ever since. She has never bittten me or anyone else. In fact, shes sleeping in my one arm right now, so im holding a squirrel in one arm and typing with the other!:)The funny thing is that when she was a baby i could have swore that it was a boy, so i named her Rodney, well, a year later it turns out that its a then she knew her name as Rodney, so it was too late for a new name.Shes a great pet, whoever said that squirrels are wild and will turn against you are NUTS.I love my squirrel more than anything in the world, and makes me happy to see that other people think so too. keep up the good work. by the way, i think im the only one that has a harness for little Rodney, and she is the luckiest squirrel around because she has the run of the house, thank goodness that she scratches at the door when she has to go outside! -Bianca,age 16 NY

Jenna - 2005-10-19
about 2 yrs ago, I had a wonderful experiance. My cousin was over, and I found a baby red squirrel, under a tree. it was kinda cold, but it was still alive! We looked everywhere, but no sign of mama or anything else. we figured the mother kicked it out of the nest, either it was sick or because the teeth grew too large and it would die anyway. My cousin and I have rescued lots of wild animals, anywhere from mice to squirrels, baby birds and ducks. We made a nest for it in a shoebox, and fed it warm milk through an eye dropper. We stuck to regular feedings, and even woke extra early to feed him. we named him preston. after awhile, we stopped using rubber gloves. we knew he was no longer dangerous and we knew he had a chance. if he didn't, he would have died much sooner. He began to think of me as his mother and got very excited when feeding time arrived. we even bought him a little cage. he would climb up the sides trying to get to me! then a friend of ours, who knows about wildlife, said we were doing wrong and should immediatly take it to a specialist. and that it should be fed dogs milk instead of cows. well, he had already lived a week, was very active and loved us. he rode in our pocket and i took him everywhere. but we still brought him to a wildlife specailist, and i lost my little buddy. he went to live with more "special needs" squirrels. I think he would have lived on, but we did it anyway. I don't know where preston is today, but i hope he's alive and happy.

aniver - 2005-09-22
Hey.I just got are squirrel yesturday and it 3 weeks old. I think it is a red squirrel. My three year old son loves the little thing. We have not named the little one yet.

jacker - 2005-05-30
i love red sqirrels!

Paris M - 2005-04-27
We just got our pet squirrel today. It is an american red baby squirrl. We dont know if it is a boy or a girl so we call it sqeeky. It is so cute when it is asleep. During the day sqeeky is always playful and joyful. I had no idea that squirrels can swim. The little kids and I love to pet sqeeky. Well I have to go, I have to feed sqeeky.

Deana - 2004-12-25
I also released my gray squirrel on my property.
She is now almost 2 years old! Still comes when i call her, and doesnt get too far away. she sees my car pull in the drive and here she comes!! (I just better have a treat for her!)