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   The American Red Squirrel is adorable, a lively little 'chittering" critter!
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Mathew Reeds - 2020-03-02
hello guys so i just wish to inform y'all that I have a new litter of flying squirrels and grey squirrels for sale. They are 6 weeks old and at a perfect age to begin bonding. If you are interested then you can call/text/Whatsapp

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  • Sherre Swigart - 2020-03-07
    i am very interested in a squirrel, could you pls share the price w me? tu
  • Charlie - 2020-03-08
    Hello!! I am interested in a grey squirrel. female preferred. please contact me by email. thanks. Charlie
  • JerriLynn Burch - 2020-03-16
    I live in texas and i do not want to have a squirrel shipped. I am very interested in a young squirrel i am really not particular about the breed as long as it is very young so that he can bond with me. I had a little flyer and he passed away in january. My cell is 903-922-0347. Thank you
  • Genasis ahonen - 2020-03-16
    Very interested what price range you looking for?
Drew hebner - 2019-06-03
I have American red squirrel heb

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  • Jessica - 2020-03-06
    How do I get ahold of a squirrel do you have a phone number
Anonymous - 2017-09-29
I am very interested on buying a pet squirrel. Where can I get one?

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  • Anonymous - 2020-02-16
    you can contact Mathew Reeds his phone #(972) 638-9315‬
Blake Howe - 2019-03-11
I am a 15 year old male in Virginia and I have been looking for a pet red Squirrel. I am very responsible and think a squirrel would be a great addition to my family.

Josh - 2019-08-03
I am intrested in purchasing a red squirrel. I am wondering what the price of them And how you receive them

Sanchez - 2018-04-19
I am Having new litters of ground squirrels and Indian palm Squirrels available, looking for any serious Persons interested, Leave a message on (909) 589-1328

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  • Benjamin Estrada - 2019-05-09
    Hi interested in a squirrel give me a call when you got a minute thanks Ben (818)720-4917
  • Coty Manuel - 2019-05-27
    Do you have any squirrel left
Riki Ruether - 2019-10-12
Baby greys available text 513 320 3873

Riki Ruether - 2019-10-12
Baby greys and red teens available text us at 513 320 3873

erikadanijela - 2019-08-30
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Luke - 2019-04-28
We have baby flying squirrels living in our attic. I'm wondering how to tell if the parents are still alive or not? If not I'd like to learn the best way to take care of them and reintroduce them to the wild.