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   If you want a very nice but small pet bunny, the Polish Rabbit makes an excellent choice!
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Anonymous - 2018-04-20
Polish Rabbits for sale. anyone looking for Polish Rabits should let me know on (909) 589-1328

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  • Jack - 2018-07-03
    Can I get it in india
Rosie B. - 2017-07-04
I am 14 and in 4-H and I really want an American Polish, preferably chocolate. I want to get a good rabbit for show, I would really like to find a show-quality junior Polish doe within 50 miles of San Francisco. Can anybody help? Thanks

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  • jamie - 2017-07-09
    We are also looking for a male chocolate polish bunny for 4h and are in central coast california. please email us if you have one.
elaineurey - 2016-04-12
I want to buy 2 baby polish rabbits. preferably from the same litter and both Doe's.

Anonymous E - 2016-01-14
Please tell me about polishes... are they kid friendly, are they small, how long do they live for, & can they be shown?

Mr. YNOT - 2010-03-16
I would like to know when the female rabbits are ready to have babies.

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  • LUVURBUNS - 2011-09-06
    They reach sexual maturity (AKA adulthood) at about 6 months (They are recongnized as adults but that does not mean that they are actually able to breed) it depends on their lineage.
  • Haven - 2016-01-12
    The gestation period of a rabbit is 28-31 days.
Rabbit Fanatic - 2016-01-12
How long do Polish rabbits normally live for on avarage?

Julia Torti - 2011-10-07
How much do polish dwarf rabbits cost ?????????Do poliisgh dwarf rabbits bite much?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-07
    Polish cost around $25 normally and they are pretty easy going. Not bitey but like to taste your fingers when little. Not biting just more like a pup licks you.
  • Judy - 2014-08-09
    I have 2 polish and I bought them for $30
  • Livia Doucette - 2015-10-10
    I Got My Polish Bunny For $40.
Anonymous - 2003-11-16
i got a polish dwarf too. ive been wanting one for 7 years now my parents have finnally given in! Shes almost a year old now and me and her have formed a tight bond. Her name is thumper, she is the hyperest thing you could ever ask for. I even knew that in the pet store, because I saw her hopping around i did not want her to go into the wrong hands, (like the 2 year old banging on the glass.Because my bunnie is sooo hyper we have to take her out about at least three times a day! And we also have to watch her like 24 7 cause shes soo smart she knows how to get under the couch when we block open doors and close to open a candy to get out of her seriosly!!Anyway each bunnies got its own personality and you gotta deal with it all my friends bunnie is just sooo lazy you open the cage door and gos and eats!Well you can also teach you bunie things like cause my bunnie liked to chew on things we had to teach her commands like to stop chewing on somthing which was NO NO NO THUMPER!!!and tocome... come thumper!! so take it from me if you want your bunnie to like it you GOTTA spend some time with it and let it get to know ya

Heather - 2004-04-17
I LOVE RABBITS!!! I am begging my mom and dad to let me have two. I know i want a Dwarf.

Erin - 2004-02-18
When your bunny has gotten "frisky" and rough with you it is probably because s/he has not been spayed/neutered.

Unless you plan to breed your bunny, have it fixed and you will most likely see these behaviors disappear... Your sweet, mild-mannered bunny will return!