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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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Katie - 2004-06-11
this pet is the best pet ever it is so sweet and loves to cuddle and is very small and i like it like that.

kylie - 2004-06-07
I do not have a netherland dwarf but my rabbits are related. I breed and raise dwarf Hotots. They are so friendly and loveable. They love your attention and they also love a massage occationally.(: These little charmers will steal your heart, but they have so much energy and cannot stay in a cage all day. Although this can sometimes be a problem, their friendly and loving attitude makes up for it.
A loving owner

Taylor - 2004-06-04
Just this year (2004) on May 21 I got my ssssuuuuppppeeeeeeeerrrr aaaaaddddoooooooorrrraaaaaabbbbblllle Netherland Dwarf Bunny. She was only two months then and very shy! its been almost a month now since she has been with us , and shes getting better. It is so cute how she plays with all of her baby toys.... oh yah her name is Estherr!!! she is grey and white! the most adorable sight in the world: watching Estherr wash her face!!!!

kitty - 2004-05-15
very cute little bunnies

gtdyuh - 2004-05-06
Dwarf rabbits are awesome

Megan - 2004-03-31
I have had Netherland Dwarfs for about 7 years now. My first rabbit that I fell in love with was Casey who I still have. I have recently paid $200 for my 4 GC Buck. I fell in love with this breed and i dont ever plan on changing. My rabbits are very lovable and have a good temperment. The Netherland is a good breed for younger children, because they have a good temperment. I was 8 when i got my first Netherland and I am now all most 16.

Anonymous - 2004-03-17
i got a netherland dutch a few days ago and she is sweet but she seems to always want her way... but i of course do what she wants... meaning let her out constantly... loveable critter.. i love Flamingo [thats her name]and recommend this breed

Julia May - 2004-02-23
A few months ago I got a chinchilla colored netherland dwarf! She is so curious and playfull, I decided to name her Pippin. After the hobbit Pippin on The Lord of the Rings. My dad thinks she has some Cottontail in her because she has a white fuzzy tail and long fur. Her older sister is a dutch rabbit. Her name is Libby. I love my bunnies!

TinySweetHeart - 2004-01-29
I recently got a Netherland Dwarf bunny from the big local pet store. I had no intention of buying another rabbit because my big guy, Basil, just died this summer after I had him for six years. But when she put the chinchilla colored one in my arms and she just laid there and closed her eyes I had to have her! I have only had her for a week but I already am in love with Matilda. She loves to be held and pet but she also has endless energy to run around with my little dog, Zoe. At first she would get scared and her natural reaction was to scratch when I would lift her. But it only took my a minute to realize I had to "scoop her up", supporting her back legs, and she was fine. Matilda is the best and I think Netherland dwarfs are great for someone who has the time and patience!

Megan - 2004-01-18
I just got my second bunny i love him so much his name is ringo and hes the sweetest lil guy ever..he thinks my cat is his mom and he loves to cuddle and run on the sofa. he used to give kisses but not so much anymore. he loves people and every morning when i eat my breakfast he eats his. its soo cute all my friends just love him especially the guys. it shows how caring they really are they always watching to make sure he dont jump or fall.