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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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Joe Mcscoogel - 2004-11-21
i got my pet rabbit at the age of 2. The moment i saw his little white nose and whiskers i fell in love. I am twelve now and trix my rabbit passed away yesterday at 4:44. I cried my eyes out. SO if you are looking for a great pet get a RABBIT. P.S...... never leave your rabbit in a cold damp place.

Amanda - 2004-11-05
this is the cutest rabbit i wish you would put more pics on this site and good luck

MacKenzie Scully - 2004-11-04
I have a black and white dwarf rabbit. His name is Thumper and he is now only 10-12 months old. He has a good and high quality temperment! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!*

zoey - 2004-10-30
my rabbit is a netherland dwarf i cant let it out it runs away it ran or walked 5 km once

erica - 2004-10-18
I received Chomper as a gift a little less than a year ago and I fell in love right away. He is loveable and energetic and extremely curious. His favorite activity is exploring my room. Whenever I am sad, he seems to know and gives me lots of "kisses" and even seems to try to make me laugh by doing his flips in the air. He is one of my best friends and the reason I got an addition to our little family (Ninja) a month ago.

Katie - 2004-10-08
I have a netherland named thumper, and he is grey, 1 and a half pounds and only about 2 and a half months old. When we first got thumper he was scared and wouldnt do anything but explore and wonder around. me and my boyfriend played with thumper alot, but it get meaner and meaner. it bites, scratches, and it attaches my 2 month old minilop and hurt it pretty bad. we dont abuse thumper, we take him out of the cage, cuddle with him, playes with him but he always bites us and bullies my other rabbit, and my sisters minilop. i love thumper just as much as my lop rabbit, but he is mean and i care for him like my other rabbit.

Brooklyn Bianchi - 2004-09-28
I have a netherland dwarf and believe me on this, they are great! My rabbit was in the past abused. When i got her my neighbor who got my rabbits sister, said" Toastie (my rabbit) is known to bite, scratch, and growl. From what i see she just needs love like humans do. Treat animals with care especially rabbits. I suggest if you want a pet to get a netherland, they are the best friends and pets you will have, dont hold back research then go get one. They are great for being pets in show and mostly an everlasting friend even when they are gone. They are great with other pets even my dog gives Toastie kisses on the nose. They are also great with all ages even parents.

Heather - 2004-09-24
I just got my little guy "Cashmere" yesterday, he is pretty funny to watch. he is really small but loves to be touched. He loves the new toys that I got him. He is already a part of the family.

Missy - 2004-09-22
I have resently, just about 2 hours ago got my firt Netherland Dwarf. Before this time the only compact rabbits I have had were polish. Already I love this lil bundle of energy. It is a major change from my larger rabbits like flemish giants and rex. I hope to get a strong bloodline going. I do recommend the Netherland Dwarf :)

Lilly - 2004-09-19
i have a dwarf bunny named molly