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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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nicole - 2005-01-27
i love my netherland dwarf bunnnies!! they are soo cute and a great pet for small children!!

steph - 2005-01-23
I as a charter breeder of netherland dwarfs would like to inform you that the picture that you have listed as a netherland dwarf is either a cull rabbit (unshowable), or not a netherland dwarf. Dwarfs ears are very very short, they have compact bodies, a round head and a flat nose.

Brandon Jelsema - 2005-01-14
These rabbits are great pets,and they are usually very nice.

Stella - 2004-12-29
They are the greatest tiny creatures created by god! They are so cute, friendly, and loving! As long as you are extremely nice to them, spoil them (but not to an unhealthy point), and love them unconditionally, they will always love you back and keep you as their best friend! I make sure I play with my rabbit at least three hours a day and we spend so much time together (I read my books out loud so she can listen, and i do my homework downstairs so i can be with her then too) that i know that we will have a life long friendship! My Netherland Dwarf - Estherr - even licks me like a dog would to show affection!

Diana Theiss - 2004-12-27
I am a preschool teacher and we have a dwarf rabbit. His name is oliver and he is very sweet, the kids just love him. We let him play in the classroom, he is just another one other the kids with his own presonality. We love him very much, I would say a dwarf rabbit is a great pet for kids.

Paula - 2004-12-23
We just got our bunny about 3 weeks ago. She is a silver marten and the most loving little girl you ever want to meet. She loves to kiss us on the chin. Her name is Kady and we have two guinea pigs that she likes to box. I am so glad that my little girl wanted to get her. I have had big rabbits in the past but this little girl is so special.

Paula, Baton Rouge, LA

Dominic Delamarter - 2004-12-14
I just got a dwarf bunny he is very lovable he is the best pet ever!!! His name is Snickers he loves to be held!!!!

Dominic.D. - 2004-12-11
I just got a Dwarf bunnie on December 9. I named him Snickers. he is adorabie and I love him very much. he loves to cuddle us. he is the best pet ever!

Carrie - 2004-11-29
Netherland dwarfs are a WONDERFUL pet to have. I have 7. We had two before, but they had babies!!! Baby bunnies are SO cute.

Laura - 2004-11-21
I had a rabbit and it was sweet but then started biting and growling but they are very sweet still. BY.Laura Dean FROM.Goergetown s.c.