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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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Keawe Alapai - 2005-11-29
My pet Staone is very nice and is 1 year old. She loves running and jumping in the yard and enjoys playing in the house. Her favorite foods are alfalfa, all greens, and carrots. She is a girl and has had two batches of baby bunnies. Her skin color is dark brown and she has brown eyes. She is a pure Netherland dwarf rabbit. Her husband, Bounce, is her brother. Can you believe that! And she, in the first batch gave birth to 5 babies and the second batch 6 babies. And that is probably all I can tell you about my bunny Staone.

rose - 2005-11-28
hey i just got a dwarf rabbit. i think it is so kewl to have one because it is so small and it is so cute..It has a gray stripe right down its back and a cute nose..I would really like to learn more about the dwarf rabbit. your fan: GRLGURLIE1

Ami - 2005-11-24
I have had several of the little netherland dwarf rabbits and love them very much. I breed, raise, and show this breed. I think they are very good pets for all ages. they are lovable and friendly and I think they are a good first pet for children five and up. they make less mess because they are smaller and don't require much space. you could take them on road trips with you. just make sure you research before you buy. It helps a lot, and will make your rabbit live a longer happier life!

Anonymous - 2005-11-20
I have a Netherland Dwarf named Katie and she is great! I let her run around my backyard everyday for about an hour and then she comes and falls asleep on my lap. It is so cute. I brush her and groom her also every couple days. One time when tried to cut her nails for her monthly nail cutting, she jumped and hit the ground! I was so mad at myself so i pick Katie up and hugged. Pretty soon I figured out she was okay. Cleaning her cage is not so enjoyable. I have to clean the dirty part every other day. I clean the whole cage once a week. Ok thats all about my baby love, Katie!

Shenice Morales - 2005-11-07
I used to have a Netherland Dwarf rabbit but it dies about a month ago. She was the best thing that ever happened to me. At first, she was a little mean but then we began to bond and we began to become like the best of friends. If any of you rabbit owner out there want a new and nice rabbit, go and find a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit. They are the best.

R.I.P. Aundre Morales Awesome Rabbit Sister and most of all Friend

brooke ebsworth - 2005-11-06
My rabbit is so cute it hops around on its little legs. i think netherland dwarf rabbits are one of the cutest and easiest rabbits to look after. my rabbit is called twitch because it always twitches

Anonymous - 2005-11-03
This breed of rabbit is absolutely wonderful! I have one and I love her to death. They are well trained, nice and small, and are fabulous pets for people of all ages. I have nothing bad to say about my wonderful bunny, and I hope that if you or someone you know is thinking of taking in one of these little bundles of joy, she enjoys him or her! My netherland dwarf is siamese sabble colored and I absolutely love her!

Kristy Easton - 2005-10-25
I am very pleased about the information and the pictures available to us at our finger tips! I have had my Netherland Dwarf for almost 4 years now. His name is Duke, it was the street that I used to live on in my home town. He was an engagement gift to me. My dad used to be a netherland dwarf breeder when I was young, and I never thought I would own one again, until he was there in my lap! Thank you again for the wonderful website!

Disco Minnie - 2005-10-24
Great site! Such cute pictures! I'm doing a project on netherland dwarf rabbits, it was very helpful going to this site. i even saved the site on my hard drive so i can go back and read the page sometimes! Once again,i love the pictures. thanks!

michelle - 2005-10-15
Netherland Dwarfs are the best rabbits in the world! Trust me on this, you can't go wrong! Whether as a pet, or showing, they are the best. My Netherland Dwarf, Marshmallow, is very content. When you try to pick him up, he doesn't kick, scratch, bite, or run away. Whereas my other rabbit is very territorial, he escapes and dashes everywhere. With Marshmallow, I can leave his cage door open and he won't leave. Try that with your other breeds of rabbits! Even when I practice his showing routine (which is a bit tedious) he never gets mad.