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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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Virginia Read - 2005-12-27
My Neverland dwarf rabit is named bramble. He is 6 months old, i got him in august. He is a black rabbit with a hint of chocolate. He always looks as cute as when i got him. He likes to lick people, it is very warm. when ever you lift him up he relaxes in your arms. He likes lots of attention, but is not bothered if not. He likes to explore. He climbs up your leg and lays on your lap. He likes to play hide and seek and plays loads of games with me.

kelsey - 2005-12-25
I have a grey netherland dwarf, named Patrick, I have had him for a year now, and he is so small, I don't even think he weighs 2 pounds yet! He is the best rabbit I have ever had. I also have a girl half netherland, half lop rabbit, who must weigh like 3 pounds, she loves to eat! If you have one rabbit, I highly suggest getting a companion for it, rabbits are a lot happier when they are in pairs, and that way they have someone to snuggle up with at night. Our girl rabbit is quite a bit wild though, and she doesn't exactly trust humans, which makes it hard for us to pick her up, but shes so cute! We blame her wild side on the lop in her! But its really funny to watch our two rabbits chase each other around, they are so cute.

kristin brunia - 2005-12-22
I have had a male dwarf rabbit for three years now and he is the best. He is really laid back and he is great with little kids. He is black and white and is always hopping around and grooming himself. He is a picky little eater and always eats the good stuff first
e.g. If I were to give him a choice between an apple or a carrot he would chose the apple first and some stuff he simply refuses to eat. Picky, picky, picky.

Amy - 2005-12-22
My dwarf bunny I just got about three months ago, he is a little sassy, but last night I was sitting on the floor and he jumped onto the couch and actually wanted to be pet. So after that he kept poking me to pet him!

Lea - 2005-12-20
I bought a Netherland Dwarf bunny three months ago and named her Smudge...she has the color of a smudge of charcoal. She is the best pet, she gives kisses and comes when I call her. Ever night we snuggle on the couch and watch T.V. She curls right up in my blanket and goes to sleep. She is box trained and never has an accident, and she just loves her stuffed bear. we call it her baby she never leaves her cage without it, it is so funny. I will never own another kind of bunny...I just love her!!

Ann - 2005-12-11
I had a Netherland Dwarf bunny named Minnie. She had white fur, blue eyes, and weighed less than a pound. Minnie was a happy house bunny. She would give bunny kisses for bits of apple, and would pick up her steel food dish with her teeth and bang it on the side of the cage (in the middle of the night!) if she was hungry or wanted attention. Unfortunately, she died this past Thanksgiving and we buried her next to the apple tree so she'll always be a happy bunny. I'm going to wait a little bit before I get another pet, but I'll definitely recommend a Netherland Dwarf bunny to anyone who wants a pet.

rachell - 2005-12-08
i have a netherland bunny and now after i came to this web site i know alot more, after he was abused by the owners who didnt want him any more, so thanks a lot.

jenni - 2005-12-06
They are great pets! I got mine when I was in 4th grade and he died a month ago (I am 21 now!) :( His name was Tipie and he spent 13 years with me living in 4 different states! I miss him terribly! It's ok though, I just got a new one last night and I can't wait to spend another decade or so with a such sweet pet! RIP Tipie!

Allison - 2005-12-02
My netherland dwarf is a boy whom i named maxie bunny. He loves to jump and kick his feet in the air. Usually they are in great moods, and they will build their trust in you. To build my trust and bond with my bunny only took about an hour or two! So i highly suggest buying this breed of rabbit and you could be as happy as i am, you and your bunny!

Meghna Balakumar - 2005-12-01
I have a Netherland Dwarf bunny named Momo. He is white with gray ears, paws, tail and a grey dot on his nose. He's a buck and was 10 dollars at a farm. He is very kind and loving. Right now he is shedding a lot.