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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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yumi - 2009-05-14
I'm out to look for a new pet bunny...this will be my first of the lagamorph species, and I really don't know what breed to get. I've heard conflicting information on a lot of breeds. i'm looking between a netherland dwarf, holland lop, or mini rex. I really want a cuddly pet that is ready to be spoiled rotten with attention. Can anyone suggest to me a good breed, even if its other than the three I've listed! Thanks!

stephen and Berni - 2009-05-04
i have just bought 2 x 7 week neitherland bunnies, they do not seem to be drinking water out of the water bottle, this bottle has a ball on the end to stop it from leaking, should i have a bowl for this or how do i get them to start drinking from the bottle Can anyone help use????

jess - 2009-04-30
I have a silver netherland dwarf bunny. He is a handful! He's really sweet but has tons of energy. I agree that red eyed bunnies are awesome, and I've owned one before. When bunnies are babies it's really hard to tell if they are male or female sometimes, and have actually brought a bunnie home thinking that it was a boy and found out 3 years later that it was a girl.

Raelena - 2009-04-29
Hello fellow Netherland Dwarf lovers. I raise and show Netherland Dwarfs and you are exactlly right they are cute, cute, cute... I had my very first lilac a couple days ago. Very happy!

lisafoster - 2009-04-27
I own 2 neverland dwarf rabbits and they are so cute. They are only 10 weeks at the moment but are already litter trained and have wonderful personalities. I have a blue and the other is a greychin. These are my babies, I love them to bits. They are great company, especially when you have had a rotten day.

Taylor - 2009-04-25
Hey omg, bonnie is like so cute. She is like my dream Netherland Dwarf bunny. I want one just like that.

serena - 2009-04-23
My friend bought to netherland dwarf rabbits about five months ago. They named them Hamish & Andy. They had a huge hutch which used to be a bird aviary. Andy started digging one day and suddenly she was pregnant (they thought they were both boys). She let me have two of the seven kits and they are adorable! Daisy is all white and has blue eyes and one sticky up ear and one floppy ear. Charlie is completely pale brown. I love them so much, thanks for the information. I also love Dwarf french lops because MC Skidmark (her other rabbit which died before they got H & A) was a french lop dwarf

Anonymous - 2009-04-11
OMG, I HAVE THE EXACT SAME BUNNY. Same color, same markings, same name. He always licks my face as well and I'm wondering if maybe this actually IS the same bunny. I picked up a bunny named thumper at a humane society and he was about two years old. Anybody know? I have a picture but unfortunately it's on another computer...

sam - 2009-04-05
I need help, my rabbit has the snuffles or something like that. He is not breathing well, he is gasping for air. It's like a fish out of water, the vet bill was 1,326 dollars, way expensive. We just bought the antibiotics, he is the same. Anyone have advice.

Sidney - 2009-04-02
i have some questions on how to care for a drawf raabbit she turn 2 yesterday not sure what i should use to give her a bath you why she has 2 teeth sticking out of the month i hope someone can help me answer some questions