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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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Kayla Mattinson - 2010-12-08
Hi I was wondering if anyone has seen a runt or peanut bunny live? We have an 11 day old that is so full of life I just don't see how to can go from good to bad! So please has anyone seen them live a long life?
Please email me and let me know if you have a runt, or have seen a peanut live past 2 weeks!

Shannon - 2010-04-06
To all those people who are talking about breeding rabbits or already do breed rabbits... By breeding rabbits you are adding to the huge amount of unwanted rabbits in this world, for every rabbit baby that you let your rabbit have or buy from a pet shop or breeder, a rabbit dies in a shelter. And believe me, pure breds do end up in shelters. I adopted a mini rex from a shelter just a few weeks ago that has had quite a few rexes go through it. Many rabbits are given up to shelters every day, and so many of them are poor sweet babies given up because they got hormonal which desexing would fix or the novelty of a rabbit grew old or some ignorant person let their rabbits breed when they couldn't find homes for all the babies. Not one of the rabbits in shelters is much over a year old, with so many more years to live. My boy is only 11 months. Do the world of rabbits a favour, desex and adopt. The shelter I got my baby boy from desexes and vaccinates and only charges a $40 adoption fee, so you save alot of money when adopting

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  • shannon - 2010-04-14
    Yes shannon I agree with you about shelters. I also have a mini rex her name is oreo.

  • Ted - 2010-04-24
    I had 3 mini-rex for over 6 months... all they did was fight almost every day... so I ate them.
  • Katie - 2010-05-18
    I just adopted a pure breed mini rex from the humane society a week ago that is only 5 months old. Please check at local animal shelters before going to a pet store or breeder for any new pet, not just bunnies. Shelter pets aren't all emotionally disturbed or destructive, all they need is a little love.
  • Emily - 2010-05-26
    I am a rabbit breeder in ARBA American Rabbit Breeder Association and have rescue rabbits. Just because I am a rabbit breeder dose not mean my rabbits are all gonna be in shelters. How do you think they got your mini rex. By breeders.
    I have 2 rescue rabbits and 4 to breed, show and sell, 3 to show and more to come. If you would like to know most pure breeds are show rabbit like mine are. I have every single rabbit I own out every day and held. They get only the finest food. Even my pet rabbit get really good food like my show rabbits. I have 1 rescue rabbit that I show. The other one passed away on her ninth birthday last week I got her when she was 3. Rabbits aren't unwanted. Have you seen all the people on this web site talking about their rabbits. By the way any baby rabbit people want. If you really want to rescue a rabbit get one that is old that nobody wants. All my rescues I got when they were two to three years old. Before you go blaming breeder get the real facts because I took your commit offensively.
  • Thalia - 2010-08-02
    No offense, but I know many breeders that sell their bunnies for under $40. If you really want those animals to get good homes ask for the pedigree and lessen the cost. You say that many die in the shelter, so would even just giving them away be better?
  • Lynn - 2010-08-14
    I have a mini rex named Peep. He is almost 4 now. He WAS given to me and is a wonderful pet. I fully support getting rescue animals of any kind. Sure 1 breeder takes care of them but how many more just leave them in cages to rot by the dozens. All of my animals are rescues in one way or another. I have a stray cat Talula, a sickly orphaned cat named Teenie, An unwanted rabbit who was the runt of the litter and wanted by no one and 3 rats, Thunder Dumbo & Jubliee 2 brothers 1 sister all with a neurological disorder that were going to be put down. All special & majical all NOT purebreds to win any blue ribbons by a panel of judges but all have won the hearts of me & my family. I do mean offense to breeders, they offend me. Animals shouldn't be kept for a door prize but loved as a pet and part of your family
  • \"CareBear\" - 2010-08-18
    Love your comments, In this world of "plenty" it's nice to see people who believe in reserve, recycle and re-use, so to speak. It's horrible to see an "unwanted" animal; they are here for us to love and enjoy and along with that definitely comes responsibility as you have advised. If only we could get each one to care for one, sorta like the "each one teach one" method, we could solve this overpopulation predicament. Hopefully with your comments here someone might actually think "adoption is an option", . Keep up the good job!
  • Bethie - 2010-10-01
    Though I agree with rescue, and think more people should do it. You can't get show rabbits from the shelter unless the people have given the pedigree over with the rabbit. If people stopped breeding rabbits then there would be lots of 4-H people who would be out of an entire way of living. You can't just say "hey no one should do this." you can't lump everyone into a category just because of irresponsible people. Pure breds would be obsolete if everyone did what you are asking. Just saying.

    Bethie V.
    Show breeder for The Lilac Mini Rex, the best bunnies in the WORLD!
  • Dr Jane Phillips - 2010-10-03
    Some people do talk a lot of rubbish! Please stop giving responsible breeders a bad press.There are responsible breeders out there who plan their breeding and put in hours and tons of $$$ into the welfare, veterinary care etc of their bunnies. I am one of those. I do not breed to sell, but to improve the breed and produce animals that are robust and healthy. Yes, there are those bunny farms, but not all breeders are the same. Please remember this. I take in rescue rabbits as well and they are given the best money can provide, so please stop aiming at all breeders.
  • Omniskies - 2010-10-29
    I already breed rabbits, and have for years and I agree, pet shop rabbits do end up in some shelters. However, very, very rarely do you ever find a rabbit from a proper breeder in a shelter. And you are right, purebred rabbits do end up in shelters - but I use "purebred" in the loosest sense of the word. As in "this sort of looks like the breed standard, so it must be a Mini Rex, ergo, it must be pure!" which isn't true. Pet shop "dwarves" are rarely Netherland Dwarves (our shop's "dwarf rabbits" are small-breed mixes that will easily reach 4-5lbs). Pet shop "Mini Rex" have loose, thin coats whose only resemblence to real Mini Rex is that the fur is short. If you feel a genuine show quality Mini Rex and one from a pet store you will understand what I am saying.

    What you need to do is not make a blanket-statement about how rabbit breeders are part of the overpopulation problem. Most of us are not. Your unlearned backyard breeder that sells at swaps and pet shops tends to be - but even they aren't the problem.

    The problem is with the customer. I am tired of people blaming responsible breeders - ones who will take back unwanted rabbits, who are available at all times to answer questions about the pet, and who will, many times, even answer questions about rabbits they _didn't_ sell to others. The customer is the one that should make a commitment to their pet. The customer is the one that gets a pet on a whim and throws it away weeks later. The customer is the one that doesn't do the research in advance and ignores the advice of the responsible breeder, then realizes they really don't want what they have purchased.

    This is true for dogs and cats as well as rabbits. People think animals are naturally Lassie. That you can go without handling a rabbit for months then expect it to not scratch when you heave it out of the cage one day. That you can get a dog that is born with perfect manners and be too lazy to bother with proper training and socializing. That doesn't do any research and decides that they MUST have a baby out of their oh-so-great pet.

    Those are the people who ought to be ashamed of themselves. Not the responsible breeder. Not the individual who breeds critically rare Lilacs - a breed that has almost gone extinct, or the beautiful Belgian Hare, who is also fading into obscurity after once enjoying being one of the most popular breeds in America's history.

    To those of you who want to breed rabbits - I encourage you: breed rabbits. But don't breed your pet store bunny. Seek out a responsible breeder - one who is a member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). Seek out someone who keeps genuine pedigreed rabbits and can tell you (usually enthusiastically) about their different rabbits (who many of us happily call our "babies"). You may pay less than at a pet store if the breeder has a rabbit that can't be shown for some reason (the color is off too much to be competitive, a white toenail, too large or small, etc). Or you may discover that these rabbits are $50, $75, or $100 each. But you will be breeding _good_ rabbits.

    Then I encourage you to go to the rabbit shows. Compete against other breeders; learn the breed type, enjoy the picnics and the good-natured ribbing, talk to the judges and other breeders about what you could be doing better. Kids can compete, too, in their own class.

    To those of you who just want a rabbit, support your local breeders. The ones who will genuinely care about what happens to those babies and will be honest with you about if a rabbit is right for you.

    To those of you who are frustrated with your current rabbit - learn about them. They are not dogs - they are not cats. They have their own behaviors, wants, and needs. Find out why they claw when you get them out, or why they struggle in your arms. Make the effort and they will reward you. And if you can't make the effort then put a free ad up in the local paper or CraigsList and get them to another home. At least take the responsibility to find a new home on your own. Don't make a shelter do the work for you.
Katya - 2010-09-28
Hey guys! So true, the mini rex really does have fur that is as soft as velvet, softer even! This is truly a good informational paragraph if you wish to purchase a rabbit, but for those of us in the showing world, there are 17 varieties recognized by ARBA in the breed.
-Katya from Lops n' Hops Rabbitry

nictrela - 2010-09-09
What fruits are mini rexes allowed?

Ashlyn - 2008-08-13
I have a question. I am buying a minirex as a show rabbit, what do I do?

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  • Brittney - 2010-06-29
    When you go to a rabbitry ask for a bunny that is show quality...
  • Faith - 2010-09-04
    You need a pedigree to show a rabbit
Gracie - 2010-07-31
Me and my Dad are getting some Mini Rex rabbits and I was wondering if any could help, it's our first time. So if you know some facts about Mini Rex rabbits please comment. Thanks! :)

zach - 2010-07-15
I just got an adorable mini rex bunny she's really small and likes to jump, recommended bunny to get she eats every thing and in 1 day already tamed and taught a trick.

Brittney - 2010-06-29
Hello I was wondering if I was allowed to show my Black Otter Mini Rex? It doesn't show at the top of the Color Differences.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-07-07
    I don't know if it isn't listed as one of the colors than probably not.
Hannah - 2008-03-25
Wow thanks for all the info, it was truly great. Let me tell you, I'm 11 years old and I really want a bunny. I wrote a 70 page notebook of nothing but what to do for a bunny I love them oh so much, and well my parents said most likely no! But I have faith and I promised that I'll pay for most of that stuff. But anyways I want to get it at the state fair coming up in April 9-13th 2008. I can't wait, I hope my parents say yes. I love them but I love animals. Why start when I'm old when I can start when I'm young and well you know, have a fresh start. But well I don't know, I hope they say yes. I just dont think that they understand what I need for my sake. Well anyways, I really thank you guys out there for listening, I appreciate it! = p

ha ha,

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  • Alicia - 2010-02-24
    Haha, I am 14 and at the beginning of 8th grade (I am in 9th grade now). I researched a rabbit for 2 years. I kept asking, and asking. Now I just got a mini rex and he is SO cute! I wrote my parents a very long essay and I told them why I want one, how I will take care of him/her, and also, I pulled the shelter card. I told them by getting me a rabbit off of or a shelter, they would be saving a life. That really brought it home! Haha, it still took a while after that, but I am glad I finally got one. My advice? Get one from your local shelter, or one off of craigslist. Those ones need homes. Rabbits get dumped off in a corner and killed because the owners "got tired of it". By getting one at a fair, you buy one from a breeder. When you buy from a breeder, you give that breeder reason to make more bunnies. And that just contributes to the overpopulation problem with bunnies.
  • liz - 2010-06-27
    Thank you for the information I'm 10 and I can take care of a male rabbit mini rex all by myself you're amazing!
Jim McFarland - 2010-06-21
Hi, I have a mini rex. Just curious how they do with humidity and heat? Summer is here. Would appreciate any advice you have.