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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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jon reed - 2011-01-18
Hey guys my name is jon and I have a 4yr old daughter she was given a black and white mini rex and loves it dearly. She named the mini rex who is a female bun bun she is a wonderful playful rabbit and her fur is so soft.

Buddy Davis - 2011-01-17
I have had a mini rex for 5 years in feb 2011. His name is George and boy does he have a personality. lol I haven't kept him in a cage since he was a baby. He sometimes sleeps by my feet at night. He doesn't like chew toys or toys at all. The little bugger likes shoes, clothes, carpet etc. He really knows how to make me laugh and well, mad also. He is my best little friend. He is very picky on what he eats but will try almost anything he is tooo much fun. I wouldn't give him up for the world. He would even play with my friends Jack Russell. That was hysterical! He is an awesome pet.

hannah - 2011-01-08
I can't find what to feed mini rexes.
Shes five weeks old.
When we went to the cage at the pet store where she was in, it said she could eat red bell peppers and I'm not sure if that would be good for her.

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  • michelle - 2011-01-11
    I would just feed her rabbit pellets. Some rabbits will eat other veggies and fruit, but I don't recommend on giving her a lot of them. I give mine carrots and lettuce, strawberries, and the husks off of corn (make sure they don't eat corn).
  • Ann - 2011-01-09
    Hi hannah!
    Try to feed your rabbit pellets. You can find rabbit pellets at a local pet shop. I have 6 baby mini rexes (3 months) and I feed them rabbit pellets and a carrot for a treat once and awhile.
Ann - 2011-01-06
I have had rabbits for about 4 years and when ever it gets warm I let them run around. They are such a sight to see! I love seeing them run and they are so random, one minute they are eating then next, they are running like crazy.

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  • hannah - 2011-01-08
    That's cool!
    I've been with my rabbit for 3 years and I just got a new one, what do you think I should do so my first one I got doesn't get mad?
  • Ann - 2011-01-09
    Hi Ann
    You can first try to give them both equal attention. Do the rabbits like each other? If they do both give them treats. If they don't like each other, play with them at different times.
nictrela - 2010-09-09
Do any of you'se know why my mini Rex doesn't like carrots?

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  • SC - 2010-10-07
    Not all rabbits like fresh juicy carrots. You can however, try a dried slice of carrot because maybe they want something crunchier. My Rex enjoys dried banana chip treats but never the actual fresh banana.
  • Wendy - 2010-10-23
    None of my rabbits all like the same thing - just like kids. Not liking carrots isn't a bad thing since they are full of sugar. My guys gets a bit of carrot in their daily greens and don't get things like bananas very often at all, again because they are high in sugar which can disrupt the natural flora of a rabbit's gut. I got my first rabbit 11 years ago and have learned the hard way - vet bills over $5000 - that giving a rabbit anything other than hay, greens and a bit of good quality kibble can cost big time not to mention the distress to the rabbit which is heart breaking.
  • Judy - 2010-10-24
    My first bunny wouldn't eat carrots until one day I tried peeling it! Then, she LOVED carrots!
  • sarah - 2011-01-06
    It depends on the rabbit. One of my rabbits hates carrots. So it depends on what the rabbit likes.
  • Unknown - 2011-01-08
    They might just not like carrots. Such as humans we do not like everything. It's completely normal.

    PS: Maybe the carrot doesn't like your bunny ;)
arletta - 2010-09-09
I was given a mini rex rabbit, & the fur is out of this world, I take her out of her cage & let her run the living room very happy with her.

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  • Cassandra Westphal-Ladewig - 2010-12-01
    I also agree. I named my mini rex trixie. She was a gift from my fiance. Even tho she is still a baby she is a hoot to have. She runs in circles like a puppy and sometimes she does a little heel click. She Is a bundle of joy to come home to. And has the softest fur. And in regards to the comment about people over breeding rabbits...I believe is a false statement. It's not that we are over breeding there just simply isn't enough people in the world who are willing to open their doors and take on the responsibility of a pet rabbit but they're all wanted!
  • megan - 2010-12-24
    Will you lose them if you let them out?
  • Anne - 2011-01-06
    I know. I have mini rexes and when I first got them they were soooooo soft and fuzzy!
Anne - 2011-01-06
Does anyone know what you are supposed to look for (as I mean in the body size and how big it is) 4-H and for judging mini rexes?

Sarah - 2010-12-28
I had a chocolate mini rex named bella bunny, but she ran away! We didn't share a bond, but bella and my dad did. I feel really bad now. :(

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  • faith - 2010-12-30
    I have a brown mini rex his name is robbie!
  • Anne - 2011-01-06
    That's sad :( I'm sorry.
stephanie alexander - 2007-02-10
thank you for informing me about rabbits!

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  • Anne - 2011-01-06
    Good choice!
Amber - 2010-12-22
I have a chocolate colored Mini Rex. He is 2 year's old and has the greatest personality and funny to watch when he's out of his cage. Though when I first got him, I would let him out of his cage and he would start to circle me. I thought it was so cute and silly of him. Until he started to spray me every time he came out whitch was everyday. So sadly I had to have his nugget's snipped. and I have not had a problem since. He is very friendly, smart and totally lovable I would'nt trade him for anything he's my Montana Man.