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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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Roger - 2003-11-13
My rabbits name is Midnight. He is so cool because he is black like it is at Midnight. My other rabbit here at school have no cage and roam around the classroom all day long.

E.J. 6th Grade - 2003-11-13
What is up? My name is E.J. Right now I am going to tell you about my rabbit Hershy. Hershy is really nice, he is really fun to play with. Hershy is brown and small. He eats a lot. He wonders around the classroom. He is very furry. We have named the rabbits Midnight, Hershy, and Oreo. I like to hold them.

Mr. Huntington - 2003-11-04
I am a St. Bonaventure student teacher working with a 6th grade class. In our class we have Mini Rex rabbits in our classroom. Well I will let my students tell you more about our Mini Rex bunnies!!!!

Barbie - 2003-11-04
Hi my name is Barbie.I have rabbits in my classroom.We have three rabbits.Our rabbits names are Midnight,Oreo,Hershey.Minightis black and another name is Oreo and Oreo is black and white. Another rabbits name is Hershey.Hershey is brown.We let are rabbits run around in our classroom.

6th grade

charleston - 2003-11-04
My name is chuckie.
we have rabbits in are class room.they are so soft.
I think they are cute.we have one that is brown his name is hershey.I have ofthem in my class.we have a brown,whiteand black,rael black.there bred is mini-rex.they have small pases.they can not eat lettes.the black one is midnihgt.the white-blakc one is oreo.

ashley - 2003-11-04
Hi my name is Ashley.
How are you? I am fine. We have three rabbits in our classroom. Their names are Oreo, Hershey and Midnight. Our rabbits are so soft. I feel like I want to squeeze them. I like to hold them. I love our rabbits. Oreo has blak and white spots on his fur and he reminds me of another rabbit used to have. You should always take good care of all your pets. Ashley 6th grade

James - 2003-11-04
Hi my named is James.

I have rabbits in my classroom. We have three rabbits and the rabbits are named Midnight and Oreo and Hershey. Midnight is big and furry. Oreo is black and white and It is small. Hershey is very small and Hershey is my favorite rabbit.

classroom grade 6

kyle - 2003-11-04
hi my name is kyle and our class has three bunnies in our class. the bunnies are friends to our class. My class loves these bunnies there names are Midnight, Oreo, hershey. the reason we named the bunnies because midnight is black and the reason why we name oreo is because it is black and white. And the reason why we named Hershey is because he is brown. They do not need a cage because they are potty trained. There breed is Mini-Rex.

Susan - 2003-10-23
My name is Susan and I have a mini rex whom my husband and myself
enjoy very much. He goes with us in our truck on many of our outings.
He sits right in the middle on the arm rest,or some times he hops
into the back seat. I think his color would be considered a blue.
We got him at a pet store here in N.H. He is a house rabbit and
he trained himself as to going to his house to do his business.
He likes our cats Sam and Louie. It took them a bit to get used to
him but now they run through the house together having a great time.

Barbara Nicks - 2003-09-29
Hello. My name is barbara. My family and I have over sixty rabbits in my barn. We have four breeds and one of the breeds is the mini rex. We enjoy them very much. I love their fur and everyone of my bunnies has a different personality. My mini lops have the best personalities of all the rabbits in our barn. We show them and have lots of fun with them.