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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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speterson - 2008-07-16
Hey Hartley's that's too funny. My daughter got a mini rex and an english spot and named them Scooby and Scrappy. The mini rex does have a great temperament, very laid back. On the other hand, the english spot is a bit on the skittish side and not as easygoing.

madison - 2008-07-03

Spot and Dot Rabbitry - 2008-06-09
Hellow! My favorite breed of rabbit is mini rex. I have been raising them for 2 years now. Every single characteristic of the mini rex rabbit appeals to me, such as their velvety coat, straight ears, and their great temperment. That's why the only breed I raise is mini rex.

dylan harvey - 2008-05-25
We have an 8 week old mini rex, it is very cute.

the hartleys - 2008-05-15
My husband and I purchased 2 mini rexes today for our 5yr old son. The delight on our sons face was priceless, and he has checked on them just like a newborn. His name is Dylan and he named them Scooby and Shaggy.

jasmine witt. - 2008-05-15
Mini Rex are great. My friend has one and I might get one soon!

Jeanne : >} - 2008-05-03
My family and I raise mini rex. They are a great breed of rabbit. They have good personalities and are very, very soft. Most of ours are calm and relaxed. That's partly because they are handled on a regular basis. They are like potato chips ~~~ You can't have just one!

aBBEY:-] - 2008-04-22
I have 4 mini rex's. One of them is named Skittles, and she licks me all of the time! I have another one named DQ and she is PREGANT. The kits are going to be Lilac!

mellony - 2008-04-09
Hi I'm Angel, a 4 week old mini rex and I'm very spoiled by my loving owner, Mellony. I cant tell if I'm black or a mixed color; or female or male. I hope I'm female! Angel

Apple - 2008-04-03

I'm Apple, the rabbit ;-). I'm a Minirex from Thailand. I like to eat apples, climb like a cat, stand up on my tip-toes, and I even like to swim!

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