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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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April - 2004-12-23
Holland Lops are soooooooo cute I have two of them and I think that these are the cutest types of rabbits. They are so calm and dosile and mine lick my face like a puppy! their adorable!

ALexandre Samson - 2004-12-16
I got a holland lop from my sister for christmas. He is very cute and was fully litter box trained when i got him and very good with my little cousin (5 years old).the only thing thats wierd with mine is that hes overgrown and albino!

ALexandre Samson - 2004-12-15
i have had my rabbit, Casper (i named him that because hes albino) the holland lop, for a little over a year. I got him as a Christmas present and he is so, so, so cute i cant get enough of him. He is very loving and loves to be held like a baby if you dont hold him like a baby or like a dog hell kick and scratch your arms off! I find their awsome house pets!

Breanna - 2004-12-10
I love rabbits and especially Holland lops! They are the sweetest available, I think. Except that my Holland Lop, Niblit, is quite the snobby rich rabbit, lol, but I love him because I made him that way! I spoil him way too much! He has free roam, even though he has a cage. we bunny proofed the house so he can hop around anywhere, and whenever he needs to go to the bathroom he just goes in his litterbox!

george dingoian - 2004-12-10
i owned one black holland lop rabbit but it died after 8 years. i now own a brown holland lop rabbit who is 10 years old. i take better care of him and only buy the best food for him. i think holland lop rabbits make the best pets. i am thinking of getting anothor one soon. i really have a soft heart for rabbits and feel they make the best pets. i am retired and this rabbit makes my whole life better for he is so playful. i see rabbits replacing all other pets as pets.

Sarah - 2004-11-21
I got a rabbit after Hurricane Charley. She is so cute. her name is Lucy after I love Lucy (the show). She is black with brown spots. I love her more than gold! I suggest if you are looking for a cuddly pet, they are so loving!

ross - 2004-11-17
all rabbits are as cute as the next

cam - 2004-11-13
Holland lops really are the cutest rabbit out there! Weve had our bun Pipkin for a little over a year and she is an awesome house pet! She LOVES being petted, apples, and running around the house! Pipkin has a very bright and loving personality.

Sarah - 2004-11-09
hi. i no it has been way more then 2 weekes since i first wrote. but i did get my holland lop and she is just as sweet as can be. i have decided on namin her honey, because she is just as sweat as honey! lol. im planing on getting her a playmate around christmas. my best friends bunny just gave birth not to long ago, but unfortunately they r all spoking for. anyone who is trying to decide which breed of rabbit is right for you, try a holland lop they are the best and you wont regret that u did! sincerly Sarah=))
p.s i will try and write back a little after x-mas!=)

Jennifer Brown - 2004-11-05
My boyfriend gave me a Holland lop over four years ago, and I named him Tatters. Since then he has gone through university with me and is now living with me and my husband. He is the greatest rabbit i have ever had! Tatters is fully litter trained, he runs around all day and sleeps on my side of the bed at night. He is friendly and likes to play in the clean, warm laundry. His favorite foods are Ritz crackers and oatmeal cereal. Tatters is bestfriends with two dogs who guard and watch over him.
To anyone who wants a lovable pet, I recommend a holland lop, it will give you love back ten times what you give it!

Jennifer Brown, Toronto, Canada