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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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maggy - 2005-04-05
I love your website! It really helps if you are doing a project.

tia - 2005-04-05
I have a holland lop and it is one of the cutest little things u would ever see.Her name is kiki and she is white with tan spots on her face and back.ive had her for about a year.Holland lops are great!

Jaimie - 2005-04-04
I have a hollandlop and she love me so much she jumps on the sofa and gets on my lap and licks my face like a dog. She only did this to me for about the first 6 months we had her, now she is starting to give such kisses to my husband. she is the most chill bunny i have ever seen. she also lies next to me on the sofa and falls asleep while i watch tv or read.

Kate Hosie - 2005-04-01
I think that Holland Lops are about the best breed of rabbit you can get! I love them, show them, breed them and enjoy every minute of it!

Heather - 2005-03-23
I had a Holland Lop for 12 years.. she was the most amazing pet I have ever had to date.

Trina Anderson - 2005-03-18
I got my 2 bunnies from someone who didnt want them. So my dad took them and now we have 2 holland lops! I really love them and one is fawn. His name is Daniy. One is black. His name is Riely. Riely loves to kiss me. Everytime i put my face in his cage he puts him nose on my mouth and I kiss him. He is the sweetest, loveable bunny I ever had. But he is getting over from being a little scardy bunny! I luv them both!

Heather - 2005-03-17
I have 2 rabbits and their names are Daniy and Riely. BYE

Amber - 2005-03-15
I just bought a holland lop rabbit and it is so awesome. he is friendly and loves to cuddle. he loves to play with my dog and is very smart! i would recommend this rabbit to anyone who has the time for one

Jenny-Lynn - 2005-03-13
I have 2 holland lops right now. Speckles, my 3 year old lives in CT with my parents, and boy she has a personality I would have never thought possible. She lived outside for 2 years, until our other rabbit passed on, and now we have her as an indoor bunny. She is litter box trained, and runs around the house like she owns it. Of course, she is very protective of her family, including me, but she has gotten used to me coming and going to school. I just recently got a 7 week old bunny, 8 weeks on March 19th, and she is just as adorable. Although they have their habits that you need to break, she has a personality too. Both of my hollands are so cuddly and love to get attention and be held. These rabbits are the greatest thing, I do not think I could imagine being without one!

heather hummel - 2005-03-12
Holland lops are the best. i raise them, breed them, show them, and so on. they are great for beginners. all kids that want a nice kind rabbit, get a holland lop. Heather Hummel