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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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Celine - 2008-11-25
Hi, I got a buck june 26 2008, I think a buck means a boy, Hollend lop, he is just the cutest thing! He was born 3-20-o8. He is mostly white, and is brown black and gray. He is so funny! Sometimes he does this flipy thing and my mom thinks somethings wrong when he does it!

phantom ^_^ - 2008-11-15
I have one holland at the time, a solid black doe named December. I love her to bits, she has an awesome personality! She placed second at her first show last summer. She was six months old. I decided to buy her a 'boyfriend', but seeing as how I couldn't find a suitable holland who wasn't related to her, I settled on a nice standard chinchilla buck. Things worked out, and (of course buck and doe are separated now) to date I have 4 adorable kits! Three are pure white, and one is black like his momma. :D They turned two weeks old yesterday.

erica - 2008-10-16
I have four holland lops! Two bucks and two does. My baby, who is a solid black senior buck, named Sammy, is the daddy to my little buck, who is also a solid black. The baby's name is Lucas. The mama is a broken tri-colored, she is beautiful and her name is Annabelle. The newest addition to my holland lop family is a BEW doe that we named Lambchop. She's a cutie. I also have many other breeds. I have dutch, Jersey Wooley, French Angora, mini-rex, and many mutts. ~lol~ I love rabbits. I have about 70ish. I have also breed a lot and let them go in my yard! I have about 40 or so rabbits running around in my yard. All mixed breeds that didn't get a happy home. So we let them live in the yard. They all have stayed in the yard and few of them die from other animals. Mostly natural things or from being sick. ::huggles bunnies:: Although I have many breeds, Holland Lops are my favorite breed. I showed my Sammy for the first time, and he got 5th place...FOR HIS FIRST SHOW EVER! I was such a proud mama. ~lol~ Anyways, so that's basically all I have to say!

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  • what - 2010-04-15
    Wow, that sounds... really responsible... :|
Lily Rosen - 2008-09-23
Hi my name is Lily and I am looking for a Holland Lop Rabbit if you have the rabbit Im loking for call 6475163 or 6022605.

Shelby - 2008-09-15
OMG, I love my cute lop eared rabbit. His/her name is lucky and she is adorable.

nicole - 2008-09-15
Hi im looking for a holland lop.... i dont know what color or breeder to chose i live in minnesota.... plz comment back...

i will check here everyday, because my email doenst work right now

Thanks a bunch


Lydia - 2008-09-08
im very interested in getting a holland lop but my parents won't let me leave the state to get one. could anyone tell me where to find a holland lop in new jersey??

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-26
    This is a list of lop breeders in New Jersey. If one is not there close to your home, one of the breeders should sure know where you can get one. LOP BREEDERS
tamarya - 2008-08-28
Hi, I just recently had a holland lop named cinnamon. She was a 3 yr old female that enjoyed playing and being petted, she constantly ate food and vegetables. Just this past friday I had given her a bowl of food and she began to eat it. Saturday she appeared to be fine and still playing. Sunday she was still playing, but I noticed most of the food still in her food bowl at that time, so on monday I woke up and I noticed at this point not only was her food not gone, but now I seen no droppings in her litter pan. I had called the vet to take her in and as we were getting ready to leave, she got real limp and almost instantly fell over dead. Any ideas of what happened to her, I know my 4 yr old went to the cage constantly to pet her and I am concerned that maybe she dropped something in the cage and the rabbit ate it. Is that a possibility, or could it have been the food I was giving her, or was it something else? I just want to know, because if it was that daughter dropped something in the cage, I know to use extreme caution when letting her near the bunny,w hen I replace the one I had just lost.

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  • Alicia Moncur - 2010-04-29
    I have a similar story. My beautiful lop was fine on Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday, I came home from my organic co-op with all of her favorite foods. She usually came straight to the kitchen and dug through my bags and boxes. This time she didn't. I saw her in the corner of the living room. I called her and she didn't come. I went to her with kale and dandelion greens (her favorites), and she sniffed but didn't eat them. I slept with her on the kitchen floor that night, we went straight to the vet on Friday morning. He thought she had gi stasis. He treated her, and said on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the worst) she was a one. He said she was well cared for and we went home with happy hearts, believing that she would be fine. She seemed better on Friday night and Saturday morning, but died Saturday afternoon! We are devastated!
Jo Ann Sparks - 2008-08-27
I have been rescuing these bunnies from a park that I work at in the columbia gorge. I can't believe some one can be this cruel to small helpless creatures. These are quality healthy animals that could have been given away to responsible pet owners. I have one at this time that has a broken leg and have to try to do the best thing for him. Would like your input. I don't have the resources to pay a big vet bill, so I will call around to a few vets to get advise.

dana - 2008-08-15
I have a holland lop X and I am getting a pure bred holland lop. Then I will have 7 rabbits. Holland lops are adorable.